General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive Exam – 88

Q. National Seed Policy was formulated in : 2002

Q. ____ bacteria enters through the site of injury of red cotton bug and stains the fibre : Nematospora gossypii

Q. Depth of water required by a crop is known as : Delta

Q. Indian Institute of Pulses Research is located :  Kanpur

Q. National Research Centre for Groundnut is located : Junagarh

Q. Dual purpose breed of cow in India : Haryana

Q. Highest % of fat in Buffalo breed : Bhadawari

Q. Citrus cracking is due to : Deficiency of boron

Q. Deficiency symptom first appears on older or lower leaves : Potassium

Q. Seed rate (kg/ha) of Maize is : 18-20

Q. No till planter used for : Sowing

Q. Aluminium phosphide : Rotendicide (IBPS_2019)

Q. Khapra beetle is related to : Storage food grain pest

Q. Maximum export agriculture product in India : Onion

Q. Which one is variety of onion : Agri found

Q. Maximum production and area of potato in state : Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan

Q. Central Agriculture University is located in : Imphal

Q. Most famous variety of mandarin : Kinnow

Q. Delinting of cotton is done using : H2SO4

Q. Most popular variety of North India : Dashehari

Q. Famous variety of grape in India : Thomas seedless

Q. Black heart of potato is a : Physiological disorder

Q. Reinfiltration through soil surface is called : Percolation

Q. Alkali soil having pH of : >8.5

Q. Oat production in India : 2-3 tonnes

Q. Vasantrao Naik Award is for : Best Research in dry land Farming

Q. Available water for plant growth is : Capillary water

Q. Indian Journal of Agriculture Science is published in : Quarterly

Q. Pramalini is a variety of : Kagzi lime

Q. Grape cutting time : Oct.-Nov.

Q. Spacing of apple : 6 x 6 m

Q. High density planting in banana : 1.2 x 1.2

Q. Dieback of citrus occurs due to the deficiency : Cu

Q. Which statement is incorrect in relation to drip irrigation : Low fertilizer use efficiency

Q. Propping done in : Banana

Q. Which is Primary tillage implement : Wooden plough, Hand hoe, Disc harrowing

Q. Egg parasitoid : Trichogramma

Q. Mango variety which is planted at the rate of 1600 plants/ha : Amarapali

Q. Apex institute for agriculture marketing in India : NAFED

Q. Best control method for stored grain pest : Fumigation

Q. Little leaf of litchi : Zn deficiency

Q. Die back of citrus : Cu deficiency

Q. Which one is main function of AGMARK : Maintain quality of commodity

Q. Most popular variety of tomato : Pusa ruby

Q. Leaf curl of chillies is due to : Thrip

Q. Which variety of radish can be grown throughout the year : Pusa himani

Q. Indian journal of fertilizers is published by : Fertilizer Association of India

Q. Early maturity variety of maize is : Ganga safeda

Q. The main storage polysaccharide in animal cells is : Glycogen

Q. Dieback in Lemon:- Copper (Cu)

Q. Little Leaf in Lemon:- Copper (Cu)

Q. Yellow Spot Disorder in Lemon:- Molybdenum (Mb)

Q. Internal Necrocin in Annola:- Boron (Bo)

Q. Little Leaf in Mango & Brinjal:- Zinc (Zn)

 Q. Millerandage Disorder in Grapes:- Boron (Bo)

Q. Water Core in Banana :- Due to Particles of Ice & Deposition of Sorbitol

Q. Bronzing in Guava:- Zinc (Zn)

Q. Scorching (Burning of Leaves) in Mango:- Potassium (K) & Excess of Chloride in Water

Q. Internal Necrosis in Mangoes:- Boron (Bo)

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