60 General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive Exam – 79

Agriculture Oneliner

# TV Broadcast for Rural development was started in 1957

# Mango mealy bug female lay eggs in Soil

# Most common widely used Herbicide in soybean in Imazethapyr

# Best method for quantities estimation of changes in soil moisture Neutron moisture meter

# Drop size of < 0.5 mm called as Drizzle

# Lines connecting points of equal sunshine hrs called as Isohels

# Revised weight of Urea bag is 45kg ( IBPS 2019)

# Fruit having highest yield tone/ha Papaya

# National Forest Commission was set up in 2002

# National Organic Farming Research Institute (NOFRI) being set up in Sikkim

# Year known as International Horticulture Year 2012

# PMFBY was launched in 18 Feb, 2016

# Full form of FCAC Programme Farmers Capacity Assessment & Certification

# Tractor loan is Medium term loan

# Oil seed having highest percentage share of total cropped area is Groundnut

# BBF method widely practiced in Groundnut

# KCC Scheme was launched in 1998-1999

# Which state has highest average yield kg/ha of Rice is Punjab

# Damaging stage of Mustard saw fly is Caterpillars

# At present farming system of India has become Market oriented 

# For providing inputs like quality seeds, fertilizers & pesticide the agency which is present at village panchayat samiti level Cooperative society 

# Most popular Extra early maturing variety of Pigeon Pea is UPAS 120

# Seed potato from hilly regions of India is preferred because It is disease free 

# The correct sequence of operations which are practiced in Tobacco is 1) Topping 2) Desuckering 3) Priming 

# EC & SAR of Normal soil is EC < 4 & SAR < 13

# Rubisco enzyme play Important role in Photosynthesis 

# Which one is not measures of central tendency is Frequency 

# The statement being tasted in test of statistical Significance is called as Null hypothesis 

# Drifts hazards of 2,4-D is mostly observed in Cotton 

# Bt was discovered by S. Ishwata

# Suitable time to Budding in Rose is Dec to Jan 

#Clistgamy encourages Self pollination 

# Fungus associated with late night of Tomato Phytophthora infestans 

# The most important causal organism responsible for the spoilage & rotting of vegetables is Bacteria 

# Mycoplasma is sensitive to Tetracycline 

# Which one is unit less measure of dispersion Coefficient of variation 

# Krebs cycle produce 30 ATP 

# Soil pH Generally increased in the season of Winter

# Pinjore Garden is the type of garden Formal style garden

# Potato variety which is extra early Kufri Ashoka

# First stable Compound in Calvin /C3 cycle is 3 phosphoglyceric acid (PGA)

# Which fruit required heavy pruning Ber

#A cross of an inbred line with an open pollinated variety is known as Top cross

# In Maize Ganga Safed 2 is Double top crossed hybrid

# Tomato variety suitable for transport and processing Punjab chhuhara

# Micronutrient which is essential for synthesis of Auxins is Zn

# During Mitosis chromosomal DNA duplication takes place in Interphase

# Acid content is a very important consideration for the preparation of Jelly

#Sand drown disease of tobacco is due to deficiency of Mg

# Which is gram storage pest Callosobruchus chinensis

# Insecticide Act was passed in 1968

#Chlorophyll type which have green black micro crystalline solid is Chlorophyll b

# Initiation of milk secretion is called Lacto genesis

# Optimum moisture content for Wheat storage is 12%

# Hybrid seed can be produced through agrilearner open pollination with the use of Male sterile line

# Silver fish belong to the order of Thysanura

# Site of protein synthesis in a cell is Ribosome

# Pest which attacks all parts of Plant is Termite

# Ooze test is done to detect for Bacteria

# Specific gravity of Milk fat is 0.93

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