General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive Exam – 84

Agriculture One Liner

1. Soil pH is a measure of –>Soil acidity

2. Solonchak soil corresponds to –>Saline soil

3. Terai soils are deficient in –>Zinc (Agriculture One Liner)

4. Crop most suitable for green manuring –>sunhemp

5. Best agricultural texture is found in –>Loamy soils

6. Father of soil testing –>M.L Troug

7. Element responsible for flocculation of soil –>Calcium

8. Clay particle size –> <0.002mm

9. Kaolinite configuration is –> 1:1 type

10. Sesquioxides are oxides of –>Iron and aluminium

11. Natural soil aggregates are –>Peds (Agriculture One Liner)

14. Cultivated soils have C:N ratio of –>10:1 to 12:1

15. Soil occurring highest in India –>alluvial soils

16. Partially decomposed organic matter –>Peat

17. Highly decomposed organic matter –>Muck soil

18. Father of pedology –> V V Dokuchaev

19. Most widely occurring clay mineral –>Kaolinite

20. Ballast elements are –>Al and Si (Agriculture One Liner)

21. Exchange of gases in soil takes place due to –>diffusion

22. Turnip is the biennial plant and comes from the family brassicaceae 

23. Zero tillage was first introduced by –>USA

24. The metamorphic rock Quartz is derived from –>Sand stone

25. O horizon is found only in –>Forest soils

26. Zone of maximum leaching–>A horizon (Agriculture One Liner)

27. Zone of maximum accumulation –> B horizon / illuvial horizon

28. Zone of least weathering and desiccation –> C horizon

29. Most suitable soil for crop cultivation –> Crumbly soil

30. Analysis of sand , silt and clay content is done by –> Hydrometric method

31. Instrument used to measure Density of soil –> Pycnometer

32. For soil to exhibit plasticity –> minimum clay content of 15 %

33. Purity of color is given by –> Chroma. (Agriculture One Liner)

34. Soil color is given by –> Munsell color chart.

36. Black cotton soil or –> Regur.

37. Limited expansion clay mineral –> vermiculite

38. Soil having no zonal differentiation–> Alluvial soil

39. Soil most suitable for plantation crops–> Laterite soils

40. Highest removal of soil particles take place by –> Sheet erosion.

41. For Nitrogen a C:N ratio <20:1 –> Mineralization

42. Recommended ratio for wheat+mustard intercropping is–> 9:1

42. Fertilizer having all three primary major nutrients –> Complete fertilizer.

43. Conversion of soil nitrate into gaseous nitrogen –>Denitrification

44. Rhizosphere is found –>around the root zone

45. Red color of red soil –>ferric oxide. (Agriculture One Liner)

46. A and B horizons together are known as–> Solum

47. Maximum density of water –> 4 degree Celsius

48. In paddy, fertilizer should be placed at –> reduced zone

49. Secondary nutrients are–> calcium, Magnesium and sulphur.

50. Puddling in paddy is done to–> reduce percolation of water in soil

51. Availability of phosphorus is highest at pH of–> 6.5 – 7.5.

52. Availability of Zn and fe is highest under pH–> <5.5.

53. Alkali soil reclamation is done by –> Using Pyrites /gypsum

54. Simplest method of determination of soil moisture –> Gravimetric method

55. Bulk density of soils is highest in –> Sandy soil

56. Most prevalent form of soil erosion –> Saltation (Agriculture One Liner)

57. Largest soil order in India –> Inceptisols.

58. Problem soils are highest in –> Uttar Pradesh

59. Which clay increase water retention in soil –> 2:1 type clays

60. Which condition is most suitable for soils –> Lower Bulk density

61. True density is also known as –> True density normal soils –> 2.5gm/cm3

62. Free energy of water is expressed in terms of – > pF value (Agriculture One Liner)

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