General Agriculture Oneliner for Competitive Exam – 14

General Agriculture Oneliner

1.Family is the basic unit of Civilization

2.Village is the basic unit rural Society

3.Cooperative movement was started in India – 1904

4.Father of economics – Adam Smith

5.Father of co – operative movement in India was – F. Nicholsm

6.In farm production capital is the – Passive factor

7.Labor in farm management is an – Active factor

8.The agricultural produce Act was passed in – 1937

9.Planning Commission established in – 1950 ,March

10. VAT means – Value a e tax

11. VAT is an – Indirect tax

12. Agriculture year – 1 June to 31st may

13. Financial year – 1st April 31st March

14. Demand of luxurious goo is – More elastic

15. Demand for necessary commodities is – Inelastic

16. One of the important fixed cost on farm is – Land rent

17. Demand of agricultural products in general is – Inelastic

18. Price elasticity of demand of food grain is – Relatively inelastic

19. Indian economy is concerned with – Mixed type

20. Law of diminishing returns are operates when – The prices of resources is high

21. Indian economy is a type of economics – Mixed economics

22. In economics cash is a – Working capital

23. Time gap between investment an return is – Gestation period

24. Risk bearing ability depend on – Net worth

25. Risk bearing ability depend on – Net worth

26. When total utility is maximum then marginal utility is – Zero

27. Stage 1 of production is also called the stage of – Increasing return

28. In the case of fruit an vegetable the marketed surplus is nearly – 80 %

29. Income elasticity of demand for inferior goods – Negative

30. Income elasticity of demand for griffin goods – Negative

31. In the monopoly market there is – One seller of the produce .

32. Land rent is an example of – Fixed cost

33. Sales tax is an example of – Indirect tax

34. Storage function creates – Time utility

35. Crop farming an milk production is an example of – Complementary enterprises

36. Co – operative credit societies act was passed in – 1904

37. Theory of evolution was given by – Charles Darwin

38. Photo respiration is – Energy spending process

39. Mass flow is affected by – Transpiration

40. Conversion of fat to sugar occur in – Chloroplast

41. Photo system 2 in absent in – C4 plant

42. Precursor of IAA is – Tryptophan

43. Father of plant physiology – Stephen hales

44. Glycolysis occur in the part of cell – Cytoplasm

45. Kerb cycle & ETC occur in – Mitochondria

46. Final product of Glycolysis is – Pyruvate

47. Light or hill reaction takes place in –Grana of chloroplast

48. Most abundant protein in the world – Rabisco

49. One molecule of glucose is produced – 687 kcal

50. Non reducing sugar – Sucrose


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