General Agriculture Oneliner for Competitive Exam – 6

Q. ODAP is nuero toxin which secreted by?
Ans. Lythrus.

Q. Parbhat is an early variety of?
Ans. Arahar.

Q. Shelling percentage of pea?
Ans. 49%

Q. ICPH-8 is a variety of?
Ans. Arahar.

Q. Royal commission on Agriculture was come in?
Ans. 1929

Q. Shifting cultivation is mostly practised in ?
Ans. Jharkhand ,MP, Hilly areas .

Q. Cropping system ?
Ans. Location specific .

Q. Cropping intensity in mono culture system?

Q. Examples of Allelopathy is?
Ans. Sorghum , Sunflower ,Peach ,cucumber, Walnut, & Eucalyptus.

Q. Allelopathy is harmfull effect of one crop on another crop/plant. Infect Annidation is?
Ans. Benificial effect.

Q. “Idcotypel” term are given by?
Ans. Donald in 1968.

Q. Agroclimatic zone in India is fifteen(15) according to planning commission in india. So Agroclimatic Zone in India initiated in the year of?
Ans. 1988.

Q. Parameter of rainfall for dry farming & dry land farming & rainfed farming respectively is?
Ans. <750 , 750-1150 , >1150.

Q. Dry spell & Prolonged is an important constraint (problem) of?
Ans. Dry Farming.

Q. Drought is declared when rainfall is occurring how much percentage of normal rainfall in a year of their particular area?
Ans. 75% (if 50% is severe drought)

Q. Agriculture drought is relevant to?
Ans. Soil moisture which not sufficient PET (Plant Evapo transpiration).

Q. Example of stomata closing type?
Ans. PMA, Atrazine (low concentration) & ABA

Q. What is the essential oil content in fresh matured flower?
Ans. 1.25%*

Q. Commercial Propagation is done by
Ans. Seed

Q. Seed rate requirement
Ans. 1-1.5 kg/ha*

Q. Optimum Spacing

Ans. 60 x 60 cm or 45 x 45 cm.

Q. Nutritional dose of N:P:K

Ans. 100:50:50 kg/ha

Q. How many days after plantings Nipping /tipping is done?

Ans. 30

Q. Thirty days after planting terminal portion should be tipped / removed to encourage the branching is called?

Ans. Nipping /tipping

Q. Which is the triploid variety of marigold? 

Ans. Nugget

Q. S.P.S. Raghava is associated with which flower crop? 

Ans. Marigold

Q. Which is a open pollinated variety of marigold?

Ans. Pusa Basanti

Q. Pinching of rainy crop is beneficial to?

Ans. Avoid water logging.

Q. How many month after Seedling become ready for planting? 

Ans. 1 month

Q. Male sterility in African marigold is due to?

Ans. Female character

Q. Which type sterility is very common in marigold?

Ans. Genetic male sterility

Q. Which type of self incompatibility agrilearner is found in marigold?

Ans. Protandary

Q. Marigold is a

Ans. Herbaceous plant

Q. Yield of African marigold?

Ans. 11-18 t/ha

Q. Yield of French marigold?

Ans. 8-12 t/ha

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