General Agriculture Oneliner for Competitive Exam – 7

Agriculture Oneliner

1. Growing of honey producing trees with bee keeping is called: APICULTURE

2. Wind break are planted in orchards towards: WEST NORTH

3. Growing agricultural crops with trees grown in and around wet land with other bodies of water in which fish etc., can be grown, the combination is called: AGRO-SILVI-AQUACULTURE

4. Groundnut is a: FRUIT

5. Grapes are good example of: VINE

6. Goat consumes ______ feed in proportion to its body weight: MORE

7. Goal of Extension education is: To promote scientific outlook

8. Genotypes of zygotes of cross-pollinated cross are: HETEROZYGOUS

9. Genetically the purest seed is: NUCLEUS SEED

10. Guava plants bear fruits on: CURRENT SEASONAL GROWTH

11. Haemorrhiagic septicemia disease is caused by: PASTEURELLA BOVISEPTICA

12. Haploids are having: GAMETIC CHROMOSOME NUMBER

13. Helithis armigera is: POLYPHAGOUS

14. Heterosis can be easily fixed in: APOMICTIC CROPS

15. High salt concentration in the medium surrounding germinating seeds inhibits germination due to: EXOMOSIS

16. Higher doses of nitrogenous fertilizers are known to accentuate the population growth in: PYRILLA SSP

17. Highest milk producing dairy breed of Pakistan is: SAHIWAL

18. Which one is used for primary tillage : MOULD BOARD PLOUGH

19. Hormone secreted by corpus luteum is: PROGESTERONE

20. I have observed a stained preparation of section of leaf under the microscope, the above statement is related to: HISOTOLOGY

21. IAA (Indole-3-Acetic Acid) belongs to which group of plant hormone: AUXIN

22. IBRD is synonyms to: WORLD BANK

23. Which one is the recommended optimum plant population for hybrid maize : 60 – 70 THOUSAND PER HACTARE 2

4. plant micronutrient: BORON

25. Which is the egg parasite : TRICHOGRMMA MINUTUM


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