General Agriculture Oneliner for Competitive Exam – 10

1. How many numbers of links in cases of revenue chain – 16

2. The meadow orchard is a modern method of fruit of fruit cultivation followed in which crop – GUAVA

3. Who has been conferred with prestigious world food prize 2021 – DR. SHAKUNTALA HARAKSINGH THILSTED

4. Fruit type of mustard is called as – SILIQUA

5. Largest salt water lake in India is – CHILKA

6. Rani Lakshmi Bai central Agricultural University has set up is which state – UTTAR PRADESH

7. Fat in milk is present in the form of – EMULSION

8. High fat product of milk is – GHEE

9. Heterosis over better parent is called as – HETERO BELTIOSIS

10. The per capita forest land availability in the country is – 0.8 HACTERE

11. A high yielding semi dwarf variety of rice was developed firstly – IRRI PHILIPPINES

12. Deep litter system of management is used for housing of – POULTRY

13. A head or capitulum inflorescence is the characteristics of family – COMPOSITAE

14. Albinism in plants is associated with – RECESSIVE LEATHAL

15. What is the thermal efficiency (in %) of biogas – 60%

16. Electronic trading plat form for farmer for selling their produce and getting fair price – E-NAM

17. World food day is observed globally on – 16 OCTOBER

18. State with highest forest area in the country is Madhya Pradesh followed by – ARUNACHAL PRADESH

19. An anticodon is a sequence of three nitrogenous bases found on – t RNA

20. Genes are made up of – DNA ONLY

21. Highest population of buffalo in which country – INDIA

22. Edible part of cauliflower is – CURD

23. Blanching is an important process of – CAULIFLOWER

24. Whiptail of cauliflower is due to – MO DEFICIENCY

25. Pusa ruby is variety of – TOMATO


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