General Agriculture Oneliner for Competitive Exam – 2

✔️ Banana initiate flowering 9-12 months after

✔️The notice is papaya is tropical America

✔️ The yellow pigment in papaya is caricaxanthin

✔️ King of temperate fruit is- Apple

✔️ Family of apple is Rosaceae

✔️ Mother of all delicious group of cultivars is- red delicious

✔️ The king of arid fruit is ber

✔️ The commercial propagation method off grape is- hard wood cutting

✔️ In India the black soil is mostly fond in- Maharashtra

✔️ Red soil is mostly found in — Tamilnadu

✔️ The soil which is most suitable for most crops is- sandy loam

✔️ Red colour in the red soils is due to presence of various oxides of irons

✔️ The vertical section of the soil showing the various layers from the surface to the unaffected parent material is known as – soil profile.

✔️ The arrangement of soil particles and their aggregate into certain defined is called-soil structure

✔️ Particle density of soil is also known as-true density

✔️ The bulk density of normal soil is- 1.33 g/cm 3

✔️ The formula of porosity of soil is- porosity density Particle density 

✔️ The first soil classification system was developed by- Russian scientist Dokuchaev (1880)

✔️ The U.S classification system the soil orders are — 10

✔️ Formula of bulk density is: wt of soil volume of solids and pores

✔️ Law of minimum was given by- Vn Liebig (1840)

✔️ Top most mineral horizon is- A horizon

✔️ exchangeable sodium percentage is also known as soluble percentage

✔️ The term pH was introduced by Sorensen (1909)

✔️ Energy exchange elements are H & O.

✔️ K & Na is determined by Flame Photometer

✔️ Micro nutrient is also known as-trace element, Oligo – element or spurned elements.

✔️ Crop logging technique was given by- H. F. Clements

✔️ Metal nutrients are- K, fe, Ca, Mg, Mn, Zn, Cu.

✔️ Highly mobile nutrients are- N,P,K.

✔️ Criteria of essentiality was proposed by Arnon & Stout (1939)

✔️ Moderate mobile nutrient is Zn.

✔️ FYM contains- 0.5% N , 0.2 % P205 & 0.5 % K20

✔️ The P is available at 6-7 pH.

✔️The ‘Sawai chal’ is the particular character of- Kankrej Bull

✔️Which is the oldest method of feeding the chicks, broilers and layers – Whole grain feeding

✔️How is fertilizer quality controlled in India – Fertilizer Control Order

✔️Insects are included in the phylum – Arthopoda

✔️What is the range of soil pH – 0-14

✔️Rural cooperative credit societies in India were organized based on the which model – Raiffeisen

✔️Papaya is commercially propagated by – Seed

✔️Banana is commercially propagated bySucker

✔️Girdling is most common in – Grape

✔️Balanagar is a variety of – Custard apple

✔️Water infiltration is more rapid in which of soils – Sandy soils

✔️Close planting of tall growing trees all around the orchard is called as: – Wind break

✔️Grape is a – Non climacteric

✔️Which are plants with woody stems which are smaller than trees but bigger than herbaceous plants – Shrub

✔️Mung contains nearly __of proteins – 24%

✔️The artificial application of water into soil to supplement rainfall for crop production – Irrigation

✔️A mineral that forms an original component of rock is called as – Primary mineral

✔️Soils in India are formed in depressions under submerged condition – Peaty and marshy

✔️Black pepper is known as  – king of spices

✔️physical condition of the soil resulting from the tillage – Tilth

✔️An apex organization of marketing cooperatives for agricultural produce in India – NAFED

✔️Which nutrients are immobile in plants – Ca and B

✔️Which are the primary soil particles – Clay, silt, sand

✔️Which soil has the maximum nutrient holding capacity – Clay soil

✔️Which nutrient imparts disease resistance to crops – K

✔️Late blight of potato is caused by Phytopthora infestans

✔️Which is the first fertilizer produced in India – Single super phosphate

✔️Groundnut faces a serious problem of aflatoxin which is caused by – Aspergillus flavous

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