General Agriculture Oneliner For Competitive Exam – 93

Q. India’s first food and vegetable processing industry was established at ? Mumbai (1935)

Q. India’s first fruit Preservation and Canning Institute was established at ? Lucknow (1949)

Q. Central Food Technological Research Institute(CFTRI) was established at ? Mysore (1950)

Q. “Food product order”(FPO) was passed by Government of India in ? 1955

Q. “Central Food laboratory” located in ? Kolkata

Q. International registration authority for Rose located in ? USA

Q. International registration authority for Bougainvillea located in ? New Delhi

Q. Commercial life of rose plant is ? 8 years

Q. “National Horticulture mission” start in ? May 2005

Q. “National food for work programme” started in ? Nov. 2004

Q. Which product can’t be spoil ? (never spoil) Honey

Q. How many preservative chemical permitted by FPO for food products ? 2 Sodium (Benzoate & Potassium Metabisulphite)

Q. Vinegar concentration should be not more than used in reservation ? 2%

Q. Post harvest losses in fruit and vegetable ? 20-40%

Q. How much Concentration of sugar is used for agrilearner preservation ? 60-70%

Q. “Zero energy cooling chamber” was developed by ? S.K. Roy

Q. Coconut fat richest source of ? Lauric acid

Q. Which chemical used for preventing sprouting during storage in onion ?Maleic Hydrazide

Q. “National Horticulture board” located in ? Gurugram (Haryana)

Q. In potato crop earthing up done ? 40 day after sowing

Q. Clove required for planting garlic ? 500 kg/ha

Q. Seed rate of marigold ? 1.5 kg/ha

Q. Which fruit rich source of protein ? Cashew nut (21.2%)

Q. Which fruit is rich source of calcium ? Litchi (0.2 1%)

Q. Protein and carbohydrate present in potato ? 2% and 22%

Q. “Goma Kirti” is a variety of ? Ber

Q. “Pusa Vishwas” is a famous variety of ? Pumpkin

Q. Suitable fruit for making jelly ? Guava

Q. Suitable vegetable for Canning purpose ? Pea

Q. Planting distance in Amrapali (mango variety) ? 2.5×2.5 M²

Q. International Rice Research Institute is located at? – LosBaños, Laguna, Philippine

Q. Pusa Sawani is a fruit borer resistant variety of? – Abelmoschus esculentus (Okra)

Q. Scientific name of tomato? Solanum lycopersicum

Q. Edible Part of Litchi? – Aril

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