General Agriculture Oneliner for Competitive Exam – 11

1. Pajaro is the variety of – STRAWBERRY

2. Bolero is the variety of – MARIGOLD

3. Richest source of Vitamin C is – BARBODAS CHERRY

4. Largest importer of cut flower in the in the world – GERMANY

5. The dwarf variety of mango – AMRAPALI

6. Fruit of rose is known – HIPS

7. Fruit of okra is a – CAPSULE

8. Coconut fat is a rich source of – LAURIC ACID

9. Coconut is propagated by – SEEDS

10. Mango is mostly propagated by – VENEER GRAFTING

11. Inflorescence of cabbage is known as – CATKEN

12. Pusa snowball is a variety of – CAULIFLOWER

13. Founder of relay cropping – DR.BIWANT RAJ

14. Critical stage of irrigation for sugarcane – FORMATIVE STAGE 

15. Polish percentage in paddy – 2%

16. Dough stage of a agriculture crop means – MILKING TO HARDENING STAGE

17. Kalyan Sona is the variety of – WHEAT

18. Lead bank scheme was introduce in the year – 1969

19. Rajat Rekha is variety of – TUBEROSE

20. Operation flood programme related to – BOOSTING MILK SUPPLY

21. Sorghum is classified as – MAJOR MILLET

22. The edible portion of sweet potato – MODIFIED ROOT

23. Richest source of nitrogen is – DRIED BLOOD

24. 1st phase of water erosion – SPLASH EROSION

25. Rock phosphate is use in – ACIDIC SOIL


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