General Agriculture Oneliner For Competitive Exam – 96

Q. Soyabean originated in China

Q. Specific example of a photonastic plant is Sunflower

Q. Specific surface of Montmorillonite clay 500 – 800

Q. Spilitting of pods is caused by Hydrotropic movement

Q. Sponging type of mouth part present in House files

Q. Spot out family monocotyledon Amaryllidaceae

Q. Starch and cellulose are also known as Disaccharide

Q. Steps of Extension teaching are Attention -Interest -Desire -Conviction-Action-

Q. Sterilization by streaming for 30min on three successive days are known as

Q. Striga is a partial Root parasite

Q. Sub normal price is Short period price

Q. Sugarcane seed is supplied to the cultivators in the form of Setts

Q. Sunflower originated in Mexico

Q. Surface area of 1g of slit practice is about 90

Q. Symptoms of stem gall of corinander development due to Blight

Q. Symptoms of virus diseases are Chlorosis Yellows Necrosis

Q. Synonym of kerbs cycle is TCA cycle

Q. T budding is also known as Shield budding

Q. Television broadcast for rural development, in India started in 1967

Q. Teliospores are Sexual spores

Q. Tensiometer can accurately measure soil moisture tension up to 0.85 atm

Q. Test cross is F2 x recessive parent

Q. That X-rays induce mutations was 1st established by H.J.Muller

Q. The hexagonal system of orchard layout occupies – 15% more trees than square system

Q. The best approach to study agricultural marketing is Functional

Q. The best suited area for poultry birds should have the temperature 13 degree – 26 degree Celsius

Q. The bitterness in Colocasia corms is due to the presence of Calcium oxalate

Q. The boiling point of milk is 100 to 102 degree Celsius

Q. The botanical name of mandarin is Citrus reticula

Q. The breed of buffaloes whose milk has the maximum percentage of the fat

Q. The breed of sheep producing superior carpet wool is Chakla

Q. The building in which cocoons are reared for the production of raw silk is called Filatures

Q. The capacity of a soil to resist appreciable change in PH value is known as
Buffering capacity

Q. The capacity to do work is known as Energy

Q. The carbamate insecticide is Sevin

Q. The carbohydrate produces in leaves cannot be tanslocated to different growing parts of plant in the absence of Boron

Q. The causal agent of mango malformation Fungus

Q. The causal agent of sandal spike is MLO

Q. The casual organisms of black rust of wheat is Puncinia graminist tritici

Q. The casual organsims of loose smut of wheat is Ustilago nuda tritici

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