Genetically Modified crops/Transgenic crops/Biotech crops

Genetically Modified crops

Genetically Modified crops/Transgenic crops/Biotech crops:

• Total area in world under GM crops is- 189.8 million hectares in 26 countries

• Area under transgenic plants in India (2018 )- 11.07 Mha

• India’s rank in Cultivation of GM crops- 5th

• Bt-Cotton is the only GM crop Cultivated in India

• The country with highest area under GM crops- USA (75 Mha)

• Leading countries in transgenic use – USA>Brazil > Argentina>Canada> India (5th)

• The crop with highest area under GM crops in world is – Soyabean>Maize> Cotton

• Apex body/Regulatory/Statutory body for approval of proposals relating to release of GM crops in India-

• Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC), 1989

• GEAC works under Ministry of Environment and Forest

• The first commercially grown genetically engineered food was- Flavr Savr, Tomato

• First cultivated GM crop in the world – Soyabean

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