Genetics One Liner For Competitive exam-2

Genetics One Liner

Genetics One Liner

Genetics One Liner

Quest.Which part of the chromosome is known as primary constriction?
Ans. Centromere

Quest.The major genetic constituent of chromosome

Quest.How many daughter cells are formed in one cycle of mitosis?

Quest.‘Mitosis’ term was coined by
Ans.Walter Flemming (1882)

Quest.In which cells does mitosis occur?
Ans.Somatic cells(Genetics One Liner)

Quest.Longest phase of mitosis

Quest.Shortest phase of mitosis

Quest.The middle stage in which chromosomes are arranged in equatorial plate

Quest.The stage of DNA synthesis in mitosis

Quest.How many daughter cells are formed in one cycle of meiosis?
Ans.Four(Genetics One Liner)

Quest.‘Meiosis’ term was 1st given by
Ans.J.B. Farmer (1905)

Quest.In which cells does the meiosis occur?
Ans.Reproductive cells

Quest.Crossing over and recombination occur during
Ans.Meiosis division

Quest.In which stage, crossing over takes place?
Ans.Pachytene stage

Quest.Chiasmata occurs at
Ans.Diplotene stage(Genetics One Liner)

Quest.Spindle formation takes place during
Ans.Metaphase 1

Quest.The process of separation of chromatids called

Quest.Mendal was born on
Ans.July 22, 1822

Quest.Mendal works on the 7 contrasting characters of crop
Ans.Garden pea

Quest.Rediscovery of Mendel’s work was done by
Ans.Hugo de Vries, Erich Correns and Erich Tschermak (1900)(Genetics One Liner)

Quest.The accepted theory of Mendal was
Ans.Law of Segregation

Quest.Mendelian population is also known as
Ans.Random mating population

Quest.A tall pea plant (DD) and a tall pea plant (Dd) have what in common?

Quest.The double helix model of DNA proposed by
Ans.Watson and Crick (1953)

Quest.The process of using information (genetic material) from DNA to construct m-RNA
Ans.Transcription(Genetics One Liner)

Quest.Transfer of genetic material from m-RNA to Protein

Quest.An expression of one gene depends on the presence or absence of another gene in an individual.
Ans.Epistasis/gene interaction

Quest.Phenotypic ratio of Monocross hybrid

Quest.Phenotypic ratio of Dicross hybrid

Quest.Triplet sequence found in mRNA which codes for single amino acid
Ans.Codon(Genetics One Liner)

Quest.Triplet sequence in t-RNA

Quest.5 inbred lines will lead to ……. no. of single crosses.

Quest.The term “Genomics” was coined by
Ans.Thomas Roderick (1986)

Quest.Who developed the concept of pangenesis?

Quest.Theory of evolution through natural selection was given by
Ans.C.Darwin and A.R.Wallace (1858)(Genetics One Liner)

Quest.Who developed the theory of acquired character?

Quest.Chromosomal theory of heredity was proposed by
Ans.W. Sutton (1902)

Quest.Genes for sex-linked traits are located on
Ans.“Y” chromosome

Quest.How many pairs of homologous chromosomes do humans have?
Ans.23(Genetics One Liner)

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