Genetics Oneliner PDF for Competitive Exam

1. Crossing over takes place between – HOMOLOGOUS CHROMOSOMES

2. Nucleolus disappears at the end – PROPHASE

3. Nucleolus reappears at the end of – TELOPHASE

4. One cycle of mitosis gives rise to – TWO DIPLOID CELLS

5. Shape of chromosome is determined by the position of – CENTROMERE

6. Homologous chromosomes separate and move towards opposite poles during which stage – ANAPHASE-I

7. The length of the G1 phase in Vicia faba is – 12 HOURS

8. The process of division of cytoplasm is known as – CYTOKINESIS

9. In meiosis, Prophase-I is divided into _____sub stages – FIVE

10. Synaptonemal complex formed in which of the following stage – ZYGOTENE

11. Pairing of homologous chromosomes occur during which stage – ZYGOTENE

12. Chiasmata formation takes place during which stage – PACHYTENE

13. Chiasmata terminalization is completed during which stage – DIAKINESIS

14. Another name of Mitosis is – SOMATIC DIVISION

15. Another name of Mitosis is – HOMOTYPIC DIVISION

16. Another name of Meosis is – REDUCTIONAL DIVISION

17. During interphase, the sequence of sub-stages is – G1, S, G2

18. At which of the following stage, chromosomes reach opposite poles-TELOPHASE

19. Who coined the term “Mitochondria” – BENDA

20. Power house of cell refers to – MITOCHONDRIA

21. Nucleolus found in – NUCLEUS

22. In a cell, sites of protein synthesis are – RIBOSOMES

23. Digestive enzymes are contained in – LYSOSOMES

24. In green plants, photosynthesis takes place in – CHLOROPLASTS

25. Plastid or chloroplast inheritance is related with – PLANT


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