Growth Stages Of Wheat Crop

Growth Stage

Growth Stages

1. Pre establishment stage:

(a) Pre-emergence: Sprouting of seeds by giving rise to seminal roots and coleoptiles.

(b) Emergence: Appearance of coleoptiles from germinating seeds above the soil surface.

2. Vegetative stage:

(a) Seedling: The young plants establish larger root systems in this stage. The stage may be further differentiated as one leaf, two leaf, three leaf and four leaf stages.

(b) Crown root stage: This coincides with three or four leaf stage in which the crown roots appear.

(c) Tillering: Plants develop crown and branch out into tillers from their base at soil surface.

(d) Jointing: This is the stage at which the plants start elongating when the nodes start developing above the crown node.

3. Reproductive stage:

(a) Booting: In this stage, the uppermost leaf swells out into flag holding the spike into it.

(b) Heading: The spikes start emerging out from the leaf sheath at this stage.

(c) Flowering: Anthesis of florets and fertilization of ovaries takes place at this stage.

4. Post anthesis stage:

(a) Filling: The ovaries after fertilization start elongating into seeds and pass through milk, soft dough and hard dough stages.

(b) Maturity: Colour of the glumes changes and kernels become fairly hard at this stage.

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