50 Horticulture MCQ for Competitive Exam

Horticulture MCQ

1. Which chemical is used for de-greening of fruit?


(B) Cytokinin

(C) Gibberalic Acid

D) Ethylene

2. HQ of International Society for Horticulture Science (ISHS) is at ________


(B) Belgium

(C) France

(D) Brazil

3. Journal “Indian Horticulture” is published by _________





4. Most abundant and basic Auxin is _________



(C) 1BA

(D) 2-4 D

5. India is known as home of _________

(A) Vegetables

(B) Spices and Medicinal

(C) Fruits

(D) Flowers

6. High Water Use Efficiency (WUE)

(A) Flood irrigation

(B) Sprinkler

(C) Drip

(D) All of the above

7. Protray are related to _________

(A) Post harvest

(B) Nursery

(C) Processing

(D) Transport

10. Disease free plants in micro propagation can be obtained through _________

(A) Meristem culture

(B) Anther culture

(C) Embryo culture

(D) Cell culture

11. Which of the following chemical is used for polyploidy breeding

(A) MH



(D) Colchicine

12. Which of the following is an antifungal and an antibiotic

(A) Pimarcin

(B) Subtilin

(C) Nisin

(D) Zeatin

13. Making an incision below a bud to retard its growth

(A) Nicking

(B) Ringing

(C) Notching

(D) Thinning

14. Germination of seed while it still remains attached with the parent source

(A) Ovipary

(B) Apomixis

(C) Vivipary

(D) Asepsis

15. Angle formed by attached of a branch to the trunk

(A) Conn

(B) Crown

(C) Corona

(D) Crotch

16. “Queen of Fruits” is called __________

(A) Avocado

(B) Mango

(C) Mangosteen

(D) Ber

17. “King of Fruits” is called _________

(A) Mango

(B) Guava

(C) Apple

(D) Citrus

18. “King of Temperate Fruits” is called _________

(A) Pear

(B) Apple

(C) Peach

(D) Kiwi Fruit

19. “Queen of Nuts” is called ________

(A) Walnut

(B) Almond

(C) Peanut

(D) Date palm

20. “King of Nuts” is called _________

(A) Walnut

(B) Almond

(C) Peanut

(D) Date palm

21. “King of Arid Fruits” is called ________

(A) Aonla

(B) Pomegranate

(C) Phalsa

(D) Ber

22. “Fruit of the 21st century” is called _________

(A) Jamun

(B) Ber

(C) Aonla

(D) Bael

23. “Pusa Nanha” dwarf variety of Papaya is developed through _________

(A) Hybridization

(B) Mutation

(C) Selection

(D) Heterosis

24. Pusa Majestic is a variety of ________

(A) Papaya

(B) Guava

(C) Mango

(D) Citrus

25. The fruit of banana is botanically a/an

(A) Pepo

(B) Berry

(C) Pome

(D) Drupe

28. Pollination in Mango is mainly

(A) House fly

(B) Honey bees

(C) Weevil

(D) Wind

29. Polyploidy variety of Mango

(A) Vellaicollamban

(B) Olour

(C) Kurukkan

(D) All of the above

30. Which Mango variety is suitable for high density planting?

(A) Sindhu

(B) Amrapali

(C) Mallika

(D) Ambika

31. Seedless variety of Mango

(A) Mallika

(B) Safari

(C) Ratna

(D) Sindhu

32. Which of the following is the edible part of Litchi

(A) Pericarp

(B) Kernal

(C) Fleshy aril

(D) Thalamus

33. Regulation in mango flowering to some extent can be induced with the application of _____

(A) Paclobutrazol


(C) Auxin

(D) Thiourea

35. Gulabi is important cultivar of _____

(A) Strawberry

(B) Litchi

(C) Pomegranate

(D) Grape fruit

36. Which state is known as “Apple Bowl”

(A) Himachal Pradesh

(B) Uttrakhand

(C) J & K

(D) Punjab

38. Polyembryonic fruit crop (/crops) is (/are)

(A) Mango

(B) Citrus

(C) Jamun

(D) All of the above

39. In Papaya papain contain_____ protein

(A) 65.2%

(B) 82.2%

(C) 72.2%

(D) 55.5%

42. Multistorey cropping system is practised in _____

(A) Bihar & UP

(B) Karnataka & Kerala

(C) J & K

(D) Punjab & Gujrat

44. Bitterpit in Apple is due to the deficiency of _________

(A) Ca

(B) Zn

(C) Mn

(D) K

47. Which fruit is commonly known as “Fruit of New World”

(A) Jackfruit

(B) Passion fruit

(C) Avocado

(D) Mango

48. Papaya is a native of _________

(A) Asia

(B) India

(C) Brazil

(D) Tropical America

49. Cricket ball and Kalipatti are famous varieties of _____

(A) Ber

(B) Mango

(C) Sapota

(D) Litchi

50. Which of the following is a ripening hormone

(A) GA-3

(B) Auxin

(C) Cytokinin

(D) Ethylene

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