Horticulture One-liner For Competitive Exam – 99

1.Scientific name of mango Mangifera indica

2.Family of Mango Anacardiaceae

3.Mango is known as National fruit of India

4.King of fruit Mango

5.Fruit type of mango Drupe

6.Origin of mango was Indo – Burma

7.Edible par s of mango is known as Mesocarp

8.Highly cross pollinated mediated House fly

9.India’s ranking mango production 1st (50% world )

10. State 1st in mango production is Uttar pradesh

11. Mango is he riches source of  Vitamin A.

12. Rumani used for dwarfing effect in Desheri

13. Major pest of mango Mango hopper

14. “National Horticulture mission” started in May 2005

15. Mango malformation is due to Low temperature and fungi

16. Spongy tissue is due to Convection heats

17. Internal fruit necrosis is due to Boron deficiency

18. Deblossoming is done for Control of malformation

19. Cluistering or jhumaka in mango is due to Low temperature

20. Mango is a Climatic and tropical fruit

21. VHT Vapour heat treatment

22. Soil used for mango Well drained loamy soil

23. Planting time of mango June -July

24. Commercial method use mango Veneer grafting

25. Timing of veneer grafting April – Oct.

26. Soft wood grafting method standardized by Dr. R.S Amin at Gujrat

27. India is the larges producer of Banana in the world

28. Banana Propagated by sword Sucker

29. Most of cultivated banana is Triploid in nature

30. In banana commonly found Vegetative parthenocarpy

31. Diploid banana variety is Lady finger

32. Propagation method of Aonla T – budding

33. Post harvest losses in fruit and vegetable  20-40%

34. HDP means High density planting

35. Propagation method of Tea Softwood cutting

36. Buttoning of cauliflower disease deficiency of Nitrogen

37. Whip ail of cauliflower disease is a deficiency of Molybdenum

38. Black tip of Mango deficiency of Boron

39. Pungency in chilli is due to Capsaicin

40. Yellow color of Onion is due to Quercetin

41. White gold is known as Cotton

42. Poor man’s fruit Ber

43. King of Arid fruit Ber

44. Green color in potato tuber due to Solanin

45. Queen of flower Gladiolus

46. Food of God is Cocoa

47. King of temperate fruit Apple

48. Miracle fruit is known as China kiwi fruit .

49. Pungency in pepper is due to Oleoresins

50. Pungency in cabbage leaves due to Sinigrin

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