Horticulture Oneliner PDF for Competitive Exam – 4

1. Layering can be done on plants such as – Bougainvillea

2. Artificial methods of reproduction do not include – Rhizome

3. Rootex contains – Auxins

4. Urea is a source of – Nitrogen

5. Banana is propagated by – Suckers

6. Not applicable to vegetatively propagated plants To get a new type of plant

7. Spot the odd one – Bonsai

8. Green manure plants used by farmers mainly belong to – Leguminosae

9. Bioherbicides have been recommended – To prevent eco-degradation

10. Water logging of soil makes it physiologically dry because- This condition does not allow oxygen to enter the soil

11. Which one of the following is natural insecticide – Pyrethrum Nicotine

12. The process by which nutrient chemicals or contaminants are dissolved and carried away by water, or are moved into a lower layer of soil – Leaching

13. Composted manure is produced from – Rotten vegetables and animal refuse

14. Aims of plant breeding are to produce – Disease-free varieties High-yielding varieties Early-maturing varieties

15. The desired varieties of economically useful crops are raised by – Hybridization

16. A plant breeder: waists to develop a disease resistant variety. What should he do first – Selection

17. Main function of bio fertilizer is – To increase biological process

18. Seed treatment with Vitavex is the main controlling method of – Loose smut Rust Downy mildew

19. Pudding is done –  to Reduce percolation of water Pulverise and levelling soil Kill weeds

20. The main function of NABARD is Refinancing to agricultural financing institutions

21. The word ‘Agriculture’ is derived from – Latin

22. What is the area in floriculture (in 1000 hectare) in India – 100 – 120

23. The instrument, which is used for sowing of seed with fertilizer together at a time, is – Ferti-cum Seed drill

24. Seed treatment is done to control— Seed-borne disease

25. Main function of biofertilizer is – To increase biological process


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