Horticulture Oneliner PDF for Competitive Exam

Horticulture Oneliner

1. Gulkand is made from the most common beautiful flower of : ROSE

2. A branch of horticulture dealing with the production and marketing of vegetable is called : OLERICULTURE

3. Commercial production of fruits is known as : ORCHADING

4. The Potato is : TUBER

5. Lettuce is : LEAF

6. Sensitive to high water table : GUAVA

7. International Institute of Horticulture is situated at : BRAZIL

8. Dwarf variety of mango : AMARPALI

9. Modified stem of banana is :RHIZOMES

10. Fruit most suited for jelly making : GUAVA

11. Which fruit is called as “Miracle fruit of China” : KIWI FRUIT

12. “Hen & Chicken” a disorder is observed in : GRAPES

13. Tongue grafting is a modified form of  : WHIP GRAFTING

14. Sweetest variety of mango : CHAUSA

15. Which state is the leading producer of Litchi : BIHAR

16. Nutrient loving plant is : CITRUS

17. Lalit is an improved cultivar of : GUAVA

18. Vivipary is observed in : JACKFRUIT

19. The most common type of Jamun grown in North India : RAJ JAMUN

20. Development of embryo from unfertilized egg is known as : PARTHENOGENSIS

21. Development of embryo without fertilization is known as : APOMIXISIS

22. Most important disease of banana in India is : BUNCHY TOP

23. Bearing habit of mango is : MIXED

24. Bending is practice in guava to encourage : BETTER FRUITING

25. Famous variety of mango for pickle use is : RAMKELA


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