Important Events Of Agriculture In India

Events Of Agriculture

Important Events Of Agriculture In India

1788 First attempt at cotton crop improvement in Bombay province

1827 First agricultural society at Calcutta

1864 First model agricultural farm at Saidapet, Tamil Nadu

1871 Department of Agriculture created

1878 Higher Education in Agriculture at Coimbatore

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1880 First Report of Famine Commission (Famine during 1876-77

1893 Second report of Famine Commission 1901 Third report of Famine Commission 1901 First Irrigation Commission

1902 Introduction of large scale cultivation of groundnut 1903 Imperial Agricultural research Institute at Pusa, Bihar 1904 Introduction of Cambodia cotton

1912 Imperial Sugarcane Breeding Station at Coimbatore

1926 Royal Commission on Agriculture

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1929 Imperial (Indian) Council of Agricultural Research at Delhi

1936 IARI shifted to Delhi

1942 Grow More Food Campaign

1946 Central Rice Research Institute

1947 Fertilisers and Chemicals, Travancore

1956 Project for Intensification of Regional Research on Cotton, Oilseeds and Millets (PIRRCOM)

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1960 Intensive Agriculture District Programme (IADP)

1963 National Seed Corporation

1965 Intensive Agriculture Area Programme (IIAP)

1965 National Demonstration Programme

1965 All India Coordinated Rice Improvement Project, Hyderabad

1966 HYV Programme

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1966 Multiple Cropping Schemes

1970 Drought Prone Area Programme

1971 All India Coordinated Project for Dryland Agriculture


1973 Minikit Trails Programme

1974 Command Area Development

1975 Release of first cotton hybrid in India

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1976 Report of National Commission on Agriculture 1976 Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP)

1977 Training and Visit (T&V) System

1979 National Agriculture Research Project (NARP)

1982 National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)

1986 Establishment of Technology mission on oilseeds

1993 Release of First rice hybrid in India

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1998 National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP)

ITDA – Integrated Tribal Development Agency

SFDA – Small Farmers Development Agency

HADP – Hill Area Development Project Special Programme for Horticultural Crops

DRDA – District Rural Development Agency

(Events Of Agriculture)

Functions of ICAR: Coordinating Agricultural activity between states and center financing research problems. Maintaining National Research Centers and Institutes

Agricultural research is carried out by: ICAR research centers SAUs (State Agricultural Universities)

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