List of Instruments used in Agriculture Important For Competitive Exam

 Instruments used for Agriculture

Instruments used in agriculture

S. No. Device/Instrument Use/Measure

1. Aonemometer :Wind speed/velocity

2. Seismograph :Earth quake

3. Pyranometer :Total incoming solar radiation

4. Albedometer :Reflectivity

5. Net radiometer :Net radiation

(Instruments used for measurements )

6. Quantam Sensor :PAR (Photosynthetic activr radiation)

7. Pyraheliometer :Direct solar radiation

8. Spectrometer :Solar radiation in narrow wave bands

9. Thermometer :Tempture

10. Android Barometer :Atmospheric pressure

(Instruments used for measurements )

11. Wind wane :Wind Direction

12. Psychrometer/Hygrometer :Relative humidity

13. Hygrograph :Continous record RH

14. Evaporimeter :Evaporation

15. Raingause :Rainfall

(Instruments used for measurements )

16. Gypsum block :Soil moisture in situ

17. Infiltrometer :Infiltration rate

18. Lysimeter :Percolation and leaching loss

19. Shading pyranometer: Diffused solar radiation

20. Permeameter :Permeability of soil

(Instruments used for measurements )

21. Piche atmometer :Evaporate rate of water

22. Pizometer :Depth of Water table

23. Clinometer :Height

24. Tensiometer :Matric potential

25. Infra red thermometer :Crop canopy temperature

(Instruments used for measurements )

26. Hydrometer :Relative humidity of atmosphere

27. Auxanometer :Growth of plant

28. Lactometer :Lactose or specific gravity of milk

29. Bricks hydrometer :Total soluble solids in sugarcane

30. Manometer :Root pressure

31. Planometer :Leaf area

(Instruments used for measurements )

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