Important Natural Enemies and Their Hosts

Important Natural Enemies

Important Natural Enemies and Their Hosts

Biological insect suppression in its original or classical sense involves the directed use of beneficial organisms. These beneficial organisms fail into several categories or groups. The broad-based categories of biological control agents/natural enemies are (according to function involved).

1. Parasites and Parasitoids
2. Predators
3. Micro-organisms

On the other hand, the categorization may also be done as:

1) Vertebrates: These include predatory animals like:

A) Fishes (Pisces)

B) Amphibians (Amphibia):- Tadpoes, frogs, toads etc.

C) Birds (Aves):- King crows, Starling, Quail partridges, Mynah, House crow, Indian roller.

D) Mammals (Mammalia):- Bats, mice, Snakes, Lizards, Squirrels, Mongoose etc.

2) Invertebrates: (Arthropods)

A) Predators: Spiders, Mites, Hydra, Planaria.

B) Parasites: Arthropod parasites, Insects.

3) Namathelmithes: Nematodes

4) Protozoan: – Protozoa.

5) Pathogenic microorganism: Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi.

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