Important One Liners Related to IBPS AFO Examination

▪State having minimum BPL population is: Punjab

▪Maximum number of BPL people are in: Bihar

▪Bio fertilizer more suited for sugarcane is: Azatobacter

▪Depth of sowing of soybean seed: 3 cm
▪First variety of rice Agrimantra introduced in India is: TN-I (1964-65)

▪Indian mustard is known as: Brassica juncea.

▪Explosive fertilizer is: Ammonium nitrate.

▪Most prominent soil group of India: Alluvial soil.

▪In SSP sulphur contains: 12 %.

▪Which micro nutrient deficient in Indian soils: Zn

▪Which macro nutrient mostly deficient in Indian soils: Nitrogen

▪Spike tooth harrow is a type Agrimantra of implement: Secondary tillage

▪Most widely used material for correcting soil acidity is: Lime.

▪Diara cultivation method is followed in: Cucurbits.

▪C: N ratio of organic matter is: 10:1

▪National Seed Act was passed in: 1966.

▪Elite varieties of moong bean are: Pusa baisakhi, SMIR 668

▪0.10/0 solution in 500 liters of water is: 500 ml (RPSC, AO- 09/SRF-09)

▪Bioclimatic low was proposed by: Hopkins

▪Chemical safeners are also known as herbicide antidote NA (it used first in maize)

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