Important Point of some Important Crops

Important Crops

Some Important Points

#Rice :-

• Breeding varieties which can effectively photosynthesize even under low light intensity.
• Traditional varieties raised in tropics are called“Indicas” (Long in duration).
• “Japonicas” are the varieties of temperate zone.
• “Javoanicas” are called bulk rice.
• In kharif, dry nursery gives higher yields compared to wet nursery.
• Dapog nursery: Raising the seedlings without their roots coming into contact with soil.

(Important Crops)

#Wheat :-

• Wheat contains more proteins than others and the protein is ‘gluten’.  T. dicoccum – (Emmer wheat)
• When seed is dropped in furrows by hand it is called “Kera”. Implement attached to plough is “Pora”.
• At the “Jointing stage”, the stem becomes visible with distinct nodes.
• Wheat crop is highly senstive to temperature.


(Queen of cereals) – C4Plant

• Maize Protein – ‘Zein’. It is defecient in essential amino acids – Lysin and Tryptophan.
• Dent corn – Zea mays indentata – The depression (or) dent in the crown of the seed.
• Flint corn – Mainly grown in India.
• Pop corn – Human consumption – Hard starch.
• Waxy corn – waxy appearance because of “amylopectin”.
• Grand growth stage knee high stage male infloresconce – Tassel, female -cob.
• In Dehradun valley “Zing” terracing is practiced – 75% maize in Rice slope – 25%.

(Important Crops)


• Tolerate high temperature better than any other crop and a short day plant. It can also tolerate water logging better than other crops like Rice.
• Toxic substance – Dhurrin (HCN).
• Maghi jowar – Khammam
• Dibbling is practiced in dry lands.
• Growth stage – 1; Vegetative period; GS2 – Critical stage
GS3 – grain filling period.
• CSH – 1 is the best for rationing.
• Sorghum toxic effect is removing by Indigo (or) wild Indigo / green manuring.


Eleusine coracana (Birds foot millet)

• It is a major millet. It is very rich source of “Ca”.
• Heaven of millet – Africa.
• Punasa – AKP – 2. Pedda panta – VZM – 2, Sarada, Kalyani. Pyru – VZM – 2.
• It is the only crop which can thrive under warm temperature and cool temperature prevailing in hilly regions.
• Sowing in stallion furrows – Karnataka

#Bajra :-

Pennisetum americanum (cat tail millet, Bull rusk millet, Spiked millet)

(Important Crops)

#Korra :-

Selaria italica (Dry land good crop) (Fox tail millet)
• It is a mixed crop with cotton in Rayalaseema.

#Variga:- Panicum miliaceum – Proso millet.
Sama :- Panicum miliare – Little millet.
Arika :- Paspalum scrobiculatum – Kodo millet (Nivas – 1 varieties)

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