Important Question Of Fruit Science for IBPS AFO, NABARD and Other Competitive exam

Question Of Fruit Science

1.Ring rust is a serious disease of

a) Aonla

b) Ber

c) Pomegranate   

d) Sapota

2.Bassein seedless is variety of

a) Litchi

b) Ber

c) Grape   

d) Pomegranate

3.A system of planting accommodate an additional tree in the centre of each square is called

a) Quincunx

b) Hexagonal

c) Triangular   

d) Square

4.Salt resistant rootstock of grape is

a) Salt crack

b) Dogridge  

c) 1631  

d) All of these

5.After harvesting cutting of banana pseudo-stem is known as

a) De suckering

b) Propping  

c) Mottacking  

d) Parring

6.Which of the following fruit have maximum productivity

a) Grape

b) Papaya  

c) Mango   

d) Banana

7.Which of the following has the highest chromosomes

a) Cashew nut

b) Mango  

c) Pineapple  

d) Mullberry

8.The commercially used rootstock for sapota is

a) Manilkara hexandra

b) Aegle graeglegaboensis

c) Lferonia limonia   

d) Madhuca indica

9.Which one of the following is a dwarfing rootstock of citrus

a) Rough lemon

b) Flying dragon

c) Krana khatta  

d) None

10.Passion fruit is a

a) Shrub

b) Perennial climber   

c) Annual climber   

d) Biennial climber

11.Hexagonal system is also known as

a) Equilateral system

b) Alternate system

c) Diagonal  system        

d) None

12. Loquat fruit is a

a) Stone

b) Berry    

c) Nut   

d) Pome

13.Bud dormancy in grape can be broken by

a) Hydrogen peroxide

b) KNO3    

c) Hydrogen cynamid  

d) None

14.Curstard apple is

a) Sorosis

b) Stone    

c) Etaerio of berries  

d) Drupe

15. Grewia subinaequalis is commercially propagated

a) Cutting

b) Layering   

c) Budding   

d) Seed

16. The most susceptible fruit crop to water logging is

a) Papaya

b) Mango    

c) Banana   

d) Guava

17. Panama disease of banana is a

a) Bacterial

b) Fungal    

c) Mycoplasma     

d) None

18. Cricket ball is the variety of

a) Loquat

b) Guava   

c) Litchi     

d) Sapota

19.Kinnow mandarin is a hybrid of

a) C.nobillis x C.deliciosa

b) C.sinesis x C.nobilis

c) C.nobillis x C.sinensis  

d) C.deliciosa x C.nobillis

20.Citrus canker is caused by      

a) Virus

b) Fungus    

c) Bacterial    

d) Insect

21. Which of the following is an aggregate fruit                        

a) Aonla

b) Citrus   

c) Guava    

d) Straw berry 

22. Chicken and hen disorder in grape is due to the deficiency of

a) Iron

b) Boron   

c) Magnesium   

d) Zn

23. A variety of grape which set fruit by simulative parthenocarpy

a) Beauty seedless

b) Black Muscat   

c) Black Corinth   

d) Perlette

24. A chemical which has sown possibility to control alternate bearing in mango is

a) 2, 4 – D

b) Carbaryl

c) Thiabendazole   

d) Paclobutrazol

25. Arakta is variety of

a) Litchi

b) Pomegranate

c) Plum   

d) Apple

26. The ideal method for vegetative propagation of pineapple is

a) Slips

b) crowns   

c) Sucker   

d) Seeds

27. Little leaf disorder in citrus plant is due to the deficiency of                                  

a) Zn

b) Mn   

c) Mg   

d) Fe

28.Ber belongs to the family of

a) Rhamnaceae

b) Myrtaceae

c) Rutaceae   


29.A variety of litchi which has more commercial important in Bihar is

a) Elaichi early

b) Early large red

c) Shahi   

d) Early seedless

30.The predominant acid in grape is

a) Citric acid

b) Tartaric acid     

c) Maleic acid    

d) Oleic acid

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