Information about Balsam plant

Information about Balsam plant

Botanical Name: Impatiens balsamina

Common Name: Garden Balsam, Rose Balsam

                Family : Balsaminaceae

  • Balsam requires 60 to 70 days from sowing to flowering, so an early start is essential.
  • Balsam is easy to grow and widely available at nurseries and garden centers.
  • Balsam plant care is trouble free because it is resistance to many garden pests.
  • Balsam come in white, red, orange, yellow, and pink.
  • Some fun balsam plant information is found of its name; Touch -me -not, The name is owning to end of the season pods which form burst at the slightest touch.

Benefits of Balsam plant

  • The plant is use to treatment of skin problem.
  • Medicinally, seeds and stem of balsam is use to promote blood circulation and provide to sore throats (gale mein phoda).
  • Seed powder of balsam is provided to women during labor pain for providing strength.
  • Leaf juice of balsam is use to treat warts (black mole)
  • In china, the balsam plant is used for treating bites of snake and who ingested poisonous fish.

Demerits of Balsam plant

  • The balsam plant is self-seeder so like their nickname touch me not, as with just the slightest touch, the seed pod burst open and flailing seed everywhere, including areas you don’t want them.


  • At last the plant of balsam is very helpful in medical purpose but before use we need some precaution like
  • Allergic people should avoid it .
  • Consult the doctor before use it .
  • Balsam plant is infected fungus diseases ‘powdery mildew ‘’generally occurs on the top of leaves in humid weather condition. So many times, the fungus is affected all field and destroyed all plant.


Article By: Chanda Singh, Jharkhand Rai University

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