Integrated Scheme on Agriculture for Competitive Exam

Integrated Scheme on Agriculture Census, Economics and Statistics (ISACES):


• To undertake the agriculture census, study of the cost of cultivation of principal crops.

• To undertake research studies on agro-economic problems of the country.

• To fund conferences/workshops and seminars involving eminent economists, agricultural scientists, experts and to bring out papers.

• To conduct short term studies.

• To improve agricultural statistics methodology.

• To create a hierarchical information system on crop condition and crop production from sowing to harvest.

Integrated Scheme on Agricultural Co-operation (ISAC):


• To provide financial assistance for improving the economic conditions of cooperatives and remove regional imbalances.

• To speed up- cooperative development in agricultural marketing, processing, storage, computerization and weaker section programmes.

• To help cotton growers fetch remunerative price for their produce through value addition besides ensuring supply of quality yarn at reasonable rates to the decentralized weavers.

Integrated Scheme on Agricultural Marketing (ISAM):


• To develop agricultural marketing infrastructure.

• To promote innovative and latest technologies and competitive alternatives in agriculture marketing infrastructure.

• To provide infrastructure facilities for grading, standardization and quality certification of agricultural produce to help farmers get better and remunerative prices for their graded produce.

• To establish a nation-wide marketing information network.

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