Marayur jaggery finally gets Geographical Indication tag

#Marayur organic jaggery produced at Marayur in the hilly district of Idukki in Kerala has bagged Geographical Indication tag

#Marayur jaggery is known especially for its organic and traditional production using the sugar cane cultivated in the region

#The sugar cane plantations are spread over several acres at Marayur. Hundreds of workers, mainly from Tamil Nadu, have been involved in Marayur jaggery making for the last many decades.

#It has been a long-term demand of farmers in Marayur and Kanthallur grama panchayats.

Its Relevance

#The dark brown Maryur jaggery is handmade at household units in Marayur and Kanthallur

#It has high sweetness with less saltiness, high content of iron and less sodium

#It does not contain any chemicals and is high in iron and calcium

#The produce is free of impurities and the sugar cane fields are free of chemical pesticides and fertilisers

#Though the Marayur jaggery has always been known for its high quality, fake jaggery with a salty taste was being marketed as Marayur jiggery

#The threat to Marayur jaggery from fake jaggery product sporting Marayur label would now be checked to benefit the workers involved in Marayur jaggery production.

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