Methods of Seed Collection

Seed Collection

Methods of Seed Collection

Following are the important methods are of Seed Collection:

a) Seeds from Standing Trees:

The collection of seeds from marked standing trees is done by collecting the seeds by bomboo hooks or by specialized labourers employed for climbing and collecting the seeds

b) Seeds Collected from Fallen Trees:

In addition to collection seed during normal felling operation special felling of trees may be done for seed purposes for e.g. Terminalia tomantosa, Tectona grandis, Eucalyptus spp. the seeds are collected from the fallen trees. Drawback of special feeling is that tree is killed in the process of harvesting and only the very best trees need to fell.

c) Collection from the Ground Flour:

Ground collection of natural seed fall is done for the species which produce large heavy seeds or fruits which normally fall to the ground can be collect by spreading tarpauling or polyethylene sheet under tree for e.g. Gamrelir arbooreia, Shorea species, Mangifera, Azadta, Tamirendus.

d) Lopping of Branches:

By directly, climbing on trees some-of the seed bearing branches are cut down by lopping, that is selectively cutting the branches without damaging the tree. For ex. Babul (Acacia nilotica), Delbegiaues, Bahunia.

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