Milky Mushroom

Milky Mushroom

Milky Mushroom (Calocybe indica):

Calocybe indica is an edible white summer mushroom also known as milky mushroom. It can be easily grown in the temperature range of 25-350C. It has moderate protein content and has a good biological efficiency (60-70%) under optimum conditions. Its sporophores have long shelf life. The major advantage is that it can be best fitted in relay cropping when no other mushroom can be grown at higher temperature. Calocybe indica has a very good scope for further cultivation and it can replace the other tropical mushrooms like Pleurotus spp. and Volvariella spp.

Wheat straw/paddy straw

Soaked in fresh water(24 hrs)

Treated with hot water(2-4hrs)

Remove excess water

Mixed 5% wheat bran

Spawning @ 4%

Casing(14-16 days)

Primordial stage(10-12 days)


(500-600g/Kg dry wt substrate)

Cost and Return for Milky Mushroom (One Crop)
Sl. No. Particulars Approx. cost (Rs.) Total (Rs.)
I.Recurring (for two crops)
1.Wheat Straw 16 Qtl. @ Rs. 200/- =3,200.00
2.Spawn @ 4% 192 Kg @ Rs. 50/-  =9,600.00
3.Chemical treatment =500.00
4.Electricity, water & labour =500.00
5.Miscellaneous (packaging &marketing) =1,000.00
Total =14,800.00

Milky Mushroom

Total Mushroom Production : 960 kg.
Market rate @ Rs.30/- per kg : Rs. 28,800.00
Interest @ 10% : Rs. 1,480.00
Net profit :: Rs. 12,520.00

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