NABARD bankable project on Agricultural Machinery Custom Hiring Centres PART 4th PDF

Agricultural Machinery Custom Hiring Centres (CHC) Model Scheme

Indian agriculture is undergoing a gradual shift from dependence on human power and animal power to mechanical power because increasing cost for upkeep of animal and growing scarcity of human labour. Further, use of mechanical power has a direct bearing on the productivity of crops apart from reducing the drudgery and facilitating timeliness of agricultural operations. Thus there is a strong need for taking farm mechanization. However, the farm power distribution is quite uneven across the States, wherein the highest use of mechanical power is in the order of 3.5 kw/ha in Punjab and less than 1kw/ha in States like Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand etc. Mechanical power is largely consumed in big land holdings and is still beyond the reach of small/marginal holdings which constitutes around 80% of the total land holdings. This is due to the fact that the small/marginal farmers, by virtue of their economic condition are unable to own farm machinery on their own or through institutional credit. Therefore in order to bring farm machinery available within the reach of small/marginal holdings, collective ownership or Custom Hiring Centres needs to promoted in a big way. This model scheme is prepared to demonstrate the banks that financing for establishment of Custom Hiring Centres are a financially viable unit.


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