NABARD bankable project on Azolla Cultuvation PART 5th PDF


In the recent past agriculture as a profession is losing its charm among the farmers. This has been attributed to several reasons; important among them are spiraling cost of inputs coupled with uncertainty in the price of the product. This has been aggravated by non-availability of assured irrigation due to depletion in ground water. This has in turn manifested as distress among the farmers in substantial areas in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala, which are otherwise considered as agriculturally developed areas. A couple of committees have gone into the root cause of distress and suggested that alternate income generating opportunities can be a major remedy for such disappointment among the farming community. Animal husbandry is one such alternative available to such distressed farmers. Again, availability of quality fodder to the animals is the major impediment in scientific management of animals because India, having only 2.4% of the world’s geographical area sustains 11% of the world’s livestock population. It accounts for 55% of the world’s buffalo population, 20% of the goat population and 16% of the cattle population. This has put unbearable burden on our natural vegetation.


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