Nutrient Deficiency disorders in different crops for competitive exams

  • Nutrient Deficiency disorder

Nutrient Deficiency disorders in different crops

S. No./ Deficiency Symptoms and disease

1. Molybdenum : Whip tail in cauliflower Browning in cauliflower Downward cupping in radish Scald of leaves Yellow spot in citrus

2. Potassium : Drying black tips of shoots

3. Manganese : Grey speck of oats Speckled yellows of sugar beet Marsh spots of peas : Manganese deficiency Pahala blight of sugarcane Frenching of Tung trees Interveinal chlorosis in apple and citrus

4. Copper : Die back of shoots in citrus Little leaf in citrus Rough bark and cracking in apple Reclamation disease in cereals

5. Boron : Browning or hollow stem of cauliflower Heart rot of sugar beet and Marigold Top sickness of tobacco Snake heads in walnuts Internal necrosis in mango Hen and chicken disorder of grape fruit Corking and pitting of fruits in tomatoes Internal necrosis in aonla Brown heart of turnip Fruit cracking of tomato and pomegranate Crown choking in coconut

6. Zinc : White bud of maize Khaira disease of rice Apple (bitter pit) Leaf bronzing in litchi Little leaf in mango, litchi, cashew Frenching on citrus

7. Leaf scorch in mango : Excess of cl ions in water/ or excess of MOP

8. Nitrogen : Buttoning in cauliflower

9. O2 deficiency & excess of Zn : Tip burn of rice

10. Water : Jonathan spot of apple

11. Oxygen : Black heart of potato

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