Nutritional status of fish

Fish and processed fish provide valuable nutrients:

easily assimilated proteins, with the digestibility of over 90%necessary amino acids with a beneficial composition, which allows the body an optimum use of proteins,vitamins soluble in fats, especially vitamin D3, which is responsible for calcium and phosphorus metabolism and regulates the insulin level by affecting the blood sugar level,macro- and microelements – calcium, phosphorus, fluorine and especially iodine and selenium. Iodine deficiencies may cause enlargement of the thyroid gland while selenium deficiencies increase the risk of cancer.

the necessary unsaturated fatty acids, including the long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids form the omega-3 family, including the EPA and DHA acids, which do not occur in other food products.

According to the American and European scientists, the beneficial impact on our health of these acids:

  • helps avoid heart diseases and hypertension
  • decreases the mortality of patients with coronary heart disease
  • reduce the tendency for increased blood clotting is antiatherosclerotic is beneficial to the work of brain
  • decreases the risk of cancer
  • improves your general condition is beneficial to your immune system,decreases the blood triglycerides level.

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