Oilseed Crop One Liner For Competitive exam

Oilseed Crop One Liner

In This Oilseed Crop One Liner we will describe important one liner of Oilseed Crop

Oilseed Crop One Liner


Quest.Bunch/Spanish/Erect type groundnut is
Ans.Arachis hypogea fastigate

Quest.Spreading/Verginia runner type groundnut is
Ans.Arachis hypogea procumbens

Quest.Groundnut is a
Ans.Modified fruit

Quest.Fruit of groundnut is called

Quest.The oil and protein content of groundnut
Ans.45 and 26 %(Oilseed Crop One Liner)

Quest.Technology Mission on Pulses and Oilseeds (TEMPO) was started in

Quest.Most suitable soil for groundnut cultivation
Ans.Sandy loam soil

Quest.The seed rate of bunch type groundnut varieties
Ans.100-120 kg/ha

Quest.The seed rate of Spreading type groundnut varieties
Ans.100-120 kg/ha

Quest.The main critical stage of groundnut for irrigation
Ans.Flowering stage, Pegging stage and Pod formation stage(Oilseed Crop One Liner)

Quest.The most suitable irrigation method for groundnut
Ans.Check basin method

Quest.The common varieties of bunch type groundnut
Ans.Jyoti, Kishan, TMV-11, 12, AK-12, 24, Junagarh-11, ICGS-1, 10, 11, 44.

Quest.The common varieties of Spreading type groundnut
Ans.Chandra, Type-28, 64, TMV-1, 3, M- 13, 37, Vikram, Verginia, Gangapuri, Godheri-2,3

Quest.Earthing-up is done in groundnut crop at
Ans.35 to 45 DAS

Quest.Interculture operation in groundnut crop should be avoided at
Ans.Pegging stage(Oilseed Crop One Liner)

Quest.Strain used for biological N2 fixation in groundnut is
Ans.Rhizobium japonicum

Quest.Vector of virus in groundnut is

Quest.Early leaf spot disease of groundnut is caused by
Ans.Cercospora arachidicola

Quest.Late leaf spot disease of groundnut is caused by
Ans.Cercospora personata(Oilseed Crop One Liner)


Quest.The botanical name of sunflower
Ans.Helianthus annus

Quest.Sunflower is also known as
Ans.Non-conventional oilseed crop

Quest.Sunflower has high quality edible oil content of

Quest.The head of sunflower is called as

Quest.Best sowing time of rabi sunflower is
Ans.November 1st to 2nd week(Oilseed Crop One Liner)

Quest.The recommended seed rate of sunflower per hectare is
Ans.5-7.5 kg/ha

Quest.The recommended spacing between row to row and plant to plant of sunflower?
Ans.50 cm x 20 cm

Quest.The most common varieties of sunflower are
Ans.Modern, MSFH-8, 17, Jwalamukhi, KBSH-1, JS-1, Sunrise selection.

Quest.The average yield of sunflower in India
Ans.20-30 qt/ha(Oilseed Crop One Liner)


Quest.The botanical name of soybean is
Ans.Glycine max

Quest.Soybean crop designated as
Ans.“Boneless meat”

Quest.The protein and oil content in soybean seeds
Ans.40-42%, and 20-22%

Quest.Soybean is popularly known as
Ans.Wonder crop

Quest.Nodule formation in soybean is done by
Ans.Rhizobium japonicum(Oilseed Crop One Liner)

Quest.The nitrogen fixation per hectare by soybean
Ans.40 kg

Quest.The recommended seed rate of soybean
Ans.75-80 kg/ha

Quest.The most common varieties of soybean are
Ans.JS-2, 335, Indira Soya-9, PK-472, 1024, Gaurav, Ankur, Brag, Clark

Quest.Manturian classified the soybean varieties based on
Ans.Seed colour

Quest.Most commonly cultivated soybean in India
Ans.Yellow coloured soybean(Oilseed Crop One Liner)

Quest.The average yield of soybean in India
Ans.20-25 qt/ha

Rapeseed and Mustard

Quest.The botanical name of Brown/Indian mustard
Ans.Brassica juncea

Quest.The botanical name of sarson is
Ans.Brassica compestris

Quest.The fruit of mustard is known as

Quest.The recommended seed rate of mustard as main crop is
Ans.4-6 kg/ha(Oilseed Crop One Liner)

Quest.The common varieties of brown sarson
Ans.Pusa kalyani, Sufla, BSH-1

Quest.Varieties of mustard are
Ans.Kranti, Varuna, Krishna, Pusa bold, Vardan, Rohni

Quest.Hybrid variety Pusa Jai Kisan is also called
Ans.Bio 902

Quest.Mustard crop planted at a spacing of 50 x 20 cm will have ___ plants/ha.

Quest.Optimum moisture content for safe storage of mustard is
Ans.7-8%(Oilseed Crop One Liner)

Quest.The critical stages for irrigation in Rapseed and mustard are
Ans.Rosette stage and Siliqua formation stage


Quest.The botanical name of safflower
Ans.Carthamus tinctorius

Quest.Safflower crop is known as
Ans.Fencing crop/Border crop

Quest.The oil content in safflower
Ans.32-36%(Oilseed Crop One Liner)

Quest.Fruit of safflower is called

Quest.The recommended seed rate of safflower
Ans.15-20 kg/ha

Quest.The common varieties of brown sarson are
Ans.JSF-1,2,5, JSI-7, EB-7, JSH-129

Quest.The average yield of safflower in India
Ans.18-20 qt/ha


Quest.Linseed crop is also known as
Ans.Flex(Oilseed Crop One Liner)

Quest.The botanical name and family of linseed is
Ans.Linum usitatisium, Linaceae

Quest.The oil percentage in linseed is

Quest.The linolinic acid present in linseed oil

Quest.The recommended seed rate of linseed is
Ans.25-30 kg/ha

Quest.The most common varieties of linseed
Ans.Jawahar-7,17,18, 552, Kiran, Mukta, Sweta, Gourav, Shital(Oilseed Crop One Liner)

Quest.Linseed crop require NPK dose of
Ans.60:40:20 kg ha

Quest.A process of treatment of stalks for final fibre extraction is termed as

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