Olericulture One Liner For Competitive exam-2

Olericulture One Liner

Olericulture One Liner

● Internal break-down is occured in cold storage at—1°C to – 0 degree celsius (°C) of potato tubers, resulting into ‘black heart’ disease in potato.

● ‘Heart rot’ disease in sugarbeet is caused due to deficiency of boron.

● ‘Brown heart’ disease in turnip is caused due to deficiency of boron.

● The ‘Scion’ of tomato produces poisonous fruit, if grafted on Datura (Datura stramonium).

● The seedless fruits in tomato are developed through ‘Parthenocarpy’. (Olericulture One Liner)

● Potato tuber contains Vit ‘B’ and Vit. ‘C’ and for Papad/Chips-Kufri Chipsona 1, 2 & 3.

● ‘Potato’ Called as ‘A wholesome Food’ per 100 gram potato contains 16 g carbohydrate, 2g protein, 1 g minerals, 0·1g fat, 0·03 g vit. ‘C’ and 0·02 g vit. ‘B’.

● For breaking the dormancy of potato tubers, the use of GA1 at 40 ppm and thiorea (1%) solution as seed treatment.

● ‘Pusa-120’—a variety of tomato is developed for the first time, which is resistant to root knot nematode.

● ‘Arka Vishal’ Arka Shreshta, Arka Abhijit and ‘Arka Vardan’ are the varieties of tomato.(Olericulture One Liner)

● ‘Arka Abha’ and ‘Arka Alok’ varieties of tomato are tolerant against low moisture in soil and also resistant to wilt (bacterial wilt).

● ‘Pusa Kiran’ (Kharif season—July to October) and ‘Pusa Kirti’ (Summer season— March to June) varieties of Chaulai (Amaranth).

● ‘Arka Anamika’ and ‘Parbhani Kranti’ are the varieties of Okra.

● In North India ‘Sugar Baby’ and in South States ‘Arka Manik’ varieties of watermelon are cultivated for commercial production.

● ‘Shree Vishakham’ (H-1687) and ‘Shree Prakash’ (S-856) are the varieties of tapioca (cassava).(Olericulture One Liner)

● ‘Shree Kirti’ and ‘Shree Roopa’ are the varieties of Yam (Rataloo).

● ‘Sree Nandini’, Sree Arun, Sree Varun ‘Varsha’, ‘White Star’, ‘Sree Vardhani’, ‘Kiran’ and ‘Kalmegh’ are the varieties of Sweet potato.

● ‘Kufri Navtal’, ‘Kufri Navjyoti’, ’Kufri Himalini’, ‘Kufri Sherpa’, and ‘Kufri Anand’ are the varieties of potato.

● Varsha, Vijaya, Vishal, Panchali, Adhunik, Sun-Grow-35, Pusa Savani and Kashi and Parbhani Kranti are the varieties of Okra (Bhindi).

● Some hybrids of Chillies, have been developed viz. Agni and Indira of Sandoz, Hybrid-1 from Research Station Katrain of IARI and ‘Tejashwani’ of Mahyco. (Olericulture One Liner)

● Varieties of Shimla Mirch (Chilli), which have been released recently are; Arka Mohini, Arka Gaurav, Arka Basant and Hybrid Bharat.

● Shimla Mirch, those are less pungent, said to be the ‘Bell Pepper’.

● The major varieties of less pungent Chillies are; Bullnose, California Wonder, King of North, Ruby King and Sweet Banana.

● The Pea variety ‘Hisar Harit-1’ (PH-1) is the cross of (between) Bonneville × Pea 23.

● Frenchbean varieties are; Tender Green, Prider and IIHR-434. (Olericulture One Liner)

● Brinjal varieties recently developed from IARI are; Pusa Anmol, Pusa Bhairav and Pusa Hybrid-5.

● Telephone, New Line Perfection and Arkel are the recent varieties of pea.

● The Onion varieties developed from IIHR Bangalore are; Arka Kalyan, Arka Niketan, Arka Pragati, Arka Bindu, Arka Kirtiman Arka Pitamber, Arka Bheem and Arka Swadista.

● Sugarbeet varieties are; Crimson Glove, Father ball, Pusa Kanchan, and Mahyco Red.

● The important varieties of Turnip are—Pusa Chandrima, Pusa Kanchan, Pusa Swarnima, Purple top, Pusa Sweti and Golden Ball.(Olericulture One Liner)

● Recently developed varieties of Carrot are; Pusa Keshar, Pusa Meghali, Pusa Yamdagni and Selection-233.

● The Black Pepper varieties are; Panniyr-1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Subhakara, Shree Kara, Panchmi etc.

● Mudigere-1, ICRI-1, 2, 3 and 4 are the important varieties of Small Cardamom.

● The varieties of Ginger are; Suprabha and Surbhi.

● The varieties of Turmeric are; Krishna, Sugandhum, Sudarshan, IISR-Prabha and Pratibha.(Olericulture One Liner)

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