Ornamental Horticulture One Liner For Agri exam

Ornamental Horticulture One Liner

Ornamental Horticulture One Liner

Ornamental Horticulture

Quest.Leading cut flower exporter in the world is


Quest.Concept of lawn was developed in


Quest.In which garden, arrangement of rocks is main feature?

Ans.Japanese garden

Quest.Shrubs or trees planted at regular intervals on boundry for fencing


Quest.The green carpet for the landscape maintained by growing and mowing grasses.

Ans.Lawn (Ornamental Horticulture One Liner)

Quest.Thorny fencing plant used as a hedge

Ans.Inga dulcus

Quest.Planting of low growing plants along with paths, roads, flower beds, lawns etc. for demarcation and beautification


Quest.The art of developing the plant or training the plant into different forms or shapes like animals, birds, arches, etc.


Quest.The arrangement of colourful potted plants in different tiers around a central object which may be tree trunk, lamp post or pillar.


Quest.Growing of shrubs in a group

Ans.Shrubbery (Ornamental Horticulture One Liner)

Quest.A group of ornamental plants used to grow over walls, trellis, arches, pergolas, arbours, pillars, bowers etc.

Ans.Climbers and Creepers

Quest.An art of growing and training of a plant to a miniature form having a natural look of old age.


Quest.The father of rose breeding

Ans.Dr. Bhattachaterji

Quest.The fruit of rose is known as


Quest.Rose can be cultivated up to

Ans.5 years (Ornamental Horticulture One Liner)

Quest.Commercial propagation method of rose

Ans.‘T’ budding

Quest.Floribundas is a cross of

Ans.Hybrid tea × Dwarf polyantha

Quest.Yellow coloured rose species is

Ans.R. foitida

Quest.Thornless variety of rose


Quest.The single borne rose species

Ans.Hybrid tea (Ornamental Horticulture One Liner)

Quest.Crimson Glory and Super Star are which type of rose

Ans.Hybrid tea

Quest.Rose species having large flowers in clusters


Quest.The growth habit of Chrysanthemum


Quest.Commercial propagation method of Chrysanthemum

Ans.Root suckers and Terminal cuttings

Quest.Which chrysanthemum allows single bloom on a branch?

Ans.Standard Chrysanthemum (Ornamental Horticulture One Liner)

Quest.Off-season variety of chrysanthemum

Ans.Haldi ghati, Himansu, Jaya and Jwala

Quest.Per hectare of seed rate of marigold

Ans.1.2-1.5 kg/ha

Quest.Commercial propagation method of gladiolus


Quest.Annual carnation is propagated by


Quest.True marigold is also known as

Ans.Calendulas (Ornamental Horticulture One Liner)

Quest.Golden Age and Crown of Gold are the variety of

Ans.African Marigold

Quest.Tuber is commercially propagated by


Quest.Queen Elizabeth is a variety of

Ans.Floribundas rose

Quest.The botanical name of hollyhock

Ans.Althaea rosea

Quest.The flower colour of Chrysanthemum

Ans.Yellow and white

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