Plant Biotechnology one Liner For Competitive exam

Plant Biotechnology one Liner

Plant Biotechnology one Liner

Plant Biotechnology

Quest.Applied use of molecular biology and recombinant DNA Technology known as

Quest.The term ‘Biotechnology’ was coined by
Ans.Karl Ereky (1919)

Quest.Multiplication of cell of large number of plants placed in appropriate environment conditions with required nutrients is known as
Ans.Plant tissue or in vitro culture

Quest.The plant or plant part excised for the in vitro cultivation

Quest.An exact genetic replica of a specific gene or an entire organism.

(Plant Biotechnology one Liner)

Quest.General used nutrient medium in tissue culture
Ans.B-5 medium and MS medium

Quest.A culture of isolated mature or immature embryos
Ans.Meristem culture

Quest.Young embryo is removed from developing seeds and planted on a suitable nutrient medium in vitro is called as
Ans.Embryo culture

Quest.Anther or pollen culture technique is used to obtained
Ans.Haploid plants

Quest.Culture of an organ in vitro
Ans.Organ culture(Plant Biotechnology one Liner)

Quest.Capability of an isolated single cell to multiply and differentiate into multicellular organism

Quest.A biochemical process or reaction taking place in a test tube (in lab)
Ans.In vitro

Quest.Alternate forms of a gene

Quest.A method for transforming DNA especially useful of plant cells

Quest.DNA was 1st synthesized by
Ans.A. Kornberg (1953)(Plant Biotechnology one Liner)

Quest.A DNA sequence that codes for a specific polypeptide

Quest.A library composed of complementary copies of cellular mRNA

Quest.The molecule which encodes genetic information

Quest.The molecule which helps in decoding genetic information carried by DNA

Quest.A process of formation of somatic embryos from callus
Ans.Embryogenesis(Plant Biotechnology one Liner)

Quest.Crossing of plants through fusion of somatic cell
Ans.Somatic hybridization

Quest.A segment of DNA that codes for a specific characters

Quest.A DNA element which has the ability to move from one chromosomal position to another
Ans.Jumping gene

Quest.Father of genetic engineering
Ans.Paul Berg

Quest.A bacterium used in genetic engineering
Ans.E-coli (Agrobacterium rhizogenes)(Plant Biotechnology one Liner)

Quest.Gene responsible for higher amount of lysine in maize

Quest.PCR denotes
Ans.Polymerase Chain Reactions

Quest.RFLD denotes
Ans.Restriction fragement length polymorphism

Quest.RAPD denotes
Ans.Random amplified polymorphic DNA

Quest.A hybrid produced using nucleous of one parent cell and cytoplasm of both the cell
Ans.Cybrid(Plant Biotechnology one Liner)

Quest.Molecular scissors used in genetic engineering
Ans.Restriction endonuclease

Quest.Map of genome showing relative positions of genes and or markers on chromosomes
Ans.Genetic map

Quest.A single DNA molecule condensed into a compact structure in vivo by complexing with accessory histones or histone-like proteins.

Quest.The process of synthesizing multiple copies of a particular DNA sequence
Ans.Gene cloning

Quest.The process of producing a protein from its DNA- and mRNA-coding sequences.
Ans.Gene expression(Plant Biotechnology one Liner)

Quest.DNA amplification is done in the machine

Quest.Francis Crick’s seminal concept that in nature genetic information generally flows from DNA to RNA to protein.
Ans.Central Dogma

Quest.Transplanting a cell, tissue or organ from one nutrient medium to another.

Quest.The first biotech plant is

Quest.Bt genes are introduced in cotton against the pest
Ans.Cotton Bollworm(Plant Biotechnology one Liner)

Quest.The vegetable crop under approval for Bt. technology

Quest.Terminator technology is recently used in

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