Plant Breeding one Liner For Competitive exam-1

Plant Breeding one Liner

Plant Breeding one Liner For Agri Exam

Plant Breeding One liner

Quest.The science, which helps in changing the genetic make-up of plants in such a way that they give rise to the maximum economic product for human use.
Ans.Plant Breeding

Quest.Basic chromosome/Genomic number is

Quest.Genetic chromosome number is

Quest.Haploid no. of Triticum aestivum
Ans.n = 21

Quest.Heteroploid in which one or few chromosomes or missing from 2n
Ans.Aneuploid(Plant Breeding one Liner)

Quest.Monosomic hypoploid
Ans.2n -1

Quest.Double monosomic


Quest.Hyperploid have one extra chromosome
Ans.Trisonic (2n+1)

Quest.Double trisomic
Ans.2n+1+1(Plant Breeding one Liner)


Quest.Double Tetrasomic

Quest.Polyploidy level in embryo and endosperm of seed

Quest.Polyploidy level of testa and pollen mother cell of seed

Quest.Polyploidy level in endosperm of Triticum aestivum
Ans.63(Plant Breeding one Liner)

Quest.Triploids are useful for
Ans.Seedless fruits

Quest.Wheat, cotton, tobacco and oat are

Quest.The term “primary centres of origin’ was proposed by

Quest.Vegetative embryos develops without fertilization

Quest.Development of fruit without fertilization
Ans.Parthenocarpy(Plant Breeding one Liner)

Quest.Embryo originates from unfertilized egg

Quest.Progeny of a single cross fertilized heterozygous individual

Quest.Male sterile line

Quest.Progeny of a single plant, obtained by asexual reproduction

Quest.A single gene affecting more than one character/governing multiple traits
Ans.Pleiotropy(Plant Breeding one Liner)

Quest.Repeated crossing of hybrid progeny back to one of its parents
Ans.Back Cross

Quest.F1 x homozygous recessive parent
Ans.Test Cross

Quest.Intra-specific hybridization is a crossed between
Ans.Two plant of different varieties

Quest.When pollen grains from an another falls on receptive stigma of the same flowers
Ans.Self pollination

Quest.Self pollinated species are also known as
Ans.Autogamous species(Plant Breeding one Liner)

Quest.When pollen grains from flower of one plant transferred to receptive stigmas of flowers of another plant
Ans.Cross pollination/Allogamy

Quest.Rice, Wheat, Buckwheat and Oat are
Ans.Self pollinated crops

Quest.Maize, Pearl millet, Black mustard and Sunflower are
Ans.Cross pollinated crops

Quest.Often Cross pollination crops are
Ans.Safflower, Arhar, Cotton and Sorghum

Quest.Continuous inbreeding (Selfing) leads
Ans.Homozygosity(Plant Breeding one Liner)

Quest.Single seed descent method is a method of
Ans.Method of Self pollination

Quest.Mass selection is always based on

Quest.The oldest selection method of crop improvement
Ans.Mass selection

Quest.Concept of pure line was given by

Quest.A progeny of single homozygous, self pollinated crops
Ans.Pure line(Plant Breeding one Liner)

Quest.A method of breeding for wheat
Ans.Pure line selection method

Quest.Breeding refers to selection procedure in which the segregating population of self pollinated species is grown without selections

Quest.Most commonly used method for selection from segregation generations of crosses in self pollinated crops
Ans.Pedigree method

Quest.A method which is not for handling segregating populations
Ans.Bulk method

Quest.A method for improving specific traits i.e. plant height, disease resistancy
Ans.Pedigree method(Plant Breeding one Liner)

Quest.Multiline breeding is exploited widely in the crop

Quest.A method does not provide opportunity to practice selection for superior plant till F5 generations
Ans.Single seed descent method

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