Plant Genetics Important Terms For Competitive Exam

Apomixis:- It is a form of asexual reproduction in which seed is produced but the embryo develop without fusion of male and female gamets.

• When sexual reproduction occurs besides apomixes, the apomixes is termed as “Facultative apomixes”.

Apospory – Some vegetative cells of the ovule develop into unreduced embryo seed without meiosis.

Apogamy – Synergids (or) antipodal cells develop into embryo.

Pseudogamy – Development of apomictic seed by the stimulus of pollination and pollen
tube growth without fertilization.

Parthenogenesis – Development of a embryo without fertilization.

Parthenocarpy – Development of fruit without seed.

Monogamy – Both male and female flowers mature at the same time.

Chasmogany – Flowers open only after pollination.

Dichogamy – Male and female flowers mature at different times.

Heterostyly – Flowers are bisexual but stamens and styles are of different lengths.

• In often cross pollinated crops cross pollination exceeds 5%.

NBPGR – National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources.

• The part of plant used in the propagation of the species is known as “Propagule”.

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