Plant Pathology MCQ For Competitive Exam

Plant Pathology

1. Phylum Plasmodiophoromycetes (Lower fungi) belong to kingdom

a) Chromista

b) Protozoa

c) Eumycota

d) Mycota

2. The cell wall of the mycelium of true fungi (Eumycota) contains

a) Glucan + cellulose

b) Glucan + chitin

c) Glucan

d) Peptidoglycan

3. Mycosphaerella musicola produces asci within

a) Perithecium

b) Apothecium

c) Locules

d) Cleistothecium

4. The teleomorphic stage of Cercospora is

a) Glomerella

b) Cochliobolus

c) Mycosphaerella

d) Pleospora

5. Fungi belonging to order Sphaeropsidales produces conidia in

a) Pycnidium

b) Acervulus

c) Synnemata

d) Sporodochium

6. Parasexuality was first discovered by

a) Pontecorvo

b) Erikson

c) De Bary

d) Robert Koch

7. The total mass of nucleoprotein of different virus particles vary from

a) 1-3 million Da

b) 4.6 to 73 million Da

c) 50-100 million Da

d) 10-40 million Da

8. An example of virus containing ds DNA

a) Caulimovirus

b) Gemini virus

c) Tobravirus

d) Potyvirus

9. The protein subunits of TMV consists of

a) 260 amino acids

b) 58 amino acids

c) 158 amino acids

d) 200 amino acids

10. Multiplication of virus occurs in

a) Epidermal cells

b) Plasmodesmata

c) Phloem vessels

d) xylem vessels

11. In the peptidoglycan of the bacterial cell wall the two sugar molecules are connected by

a) Peptide Cross links

b) Glycosidic bond

c) H-bond

d) S-H bond

12. Porins are present in bacterial cell wall component

a) LPS layer

b) EPS layer

c) Cytoplasmic membrane

d) Plasma membrane

13. Dolipore septum is found in

a) ascomycetes

b) zygomycetes

c) basidiomycetes

d) deuteromycetes

14. A computer software system called Field Runner is used to

a) Measuring chlorophyll content in infected plant

b) Recording the flight of insect vectors

c) Sampling plants for disease

d) Measuring photosynthetic rate of plants

15. Isomerase enzyme patterns in fungal cell is used for

a) Differentiating races

b) Differentiating strains (Biotypes)

c) Measuring spore density

d) Differentiating species

16. Remote sensing for detecting and controlling disease severity is used in the following altitudes

a) 2

b) 3

c) 5

d) 6

17. The computerized disease assessment training programme is





18. Measuring the size of the minute objects (spores) in a microscope is known as

a) Pathometry

b) Micrometry

c) Turbidimetry

d) Microtomy

19. Nutritionally, fungi may be best characterized as

a) photosynthetic autotrophs

b) chemosynthetic autotrophs

c) absorptive heterotrophs

d) ingestive heterotrophs

20. Viruses enter the plant cells through the process of

a) Osmosis

b) Pinocytosis

c) Diffusion

d) Plasmolysis

21. Sugarcane ratoon stunting is caused by

a) Phytoplasmas

b) Viroids

c) Clavibacter xyli subsp xyli

d) Virus

22. Blotter test is used in

a) Seed health testing

b) Seed viability

c) Seed purity test

d) Seed rate

23. Hyperplasia refers to

a) Increased cell division

b) Cell death

c) Cell enlargement

d) Decreased cell division

24. An internally seed borne fungal disease

a) Smut of Ragi

b) Red rot of Sugarcane

c) Loose smut of Wheat

d) Grain smut of Jowar

25. An example of a soil fumigant

a) Thiram b) Methyl bromide

c) Bavistin

d) Vitavax

26. Significant contribution on the epidemiology of disease cycle of stem rust of Wheat was made by

a) Mehta. K.C

b) Mundkur. B.B

c) Payak.M.M

d) Nagarajan

27. Moko disease of Banana is caused by

a) Fusarium oxysporum f sp. Cubense

b) Radopholus similis

c) Ralstonia solanacearum

d) Pentalonia nigronervosa

28. Blast of Rice is caused by

a) Magnaporthe grisea

b) Drechslera oryzae

c) Ephelis oryzae

d) Rhizoctonia solani

29. The number of races of Phytophthora infestans prevalent in India is

a) 250

b) 82

c) 5

d) 130

30. Effective fungicide for the control of blast disease of Rice

a) Mancozeb

b) Tricyclazole

c) Fosetyl Al

d) Plantvax

31. Fungus with dichotomously branched sporangiophores at acute angles with curved pointed tips on which conidia are borne belong to

a) Peronospora

b) Pseudoperonospora

c) Bremia

d) Sclerospora

32. Cleistothecium containing several asci bearing definite rigid appendages with coiled tips is characteristic of genus

a) Uncinula

b) Erysiphe

c) Sphaerotheca

d) Phyllactinia

33. Diseases which interferes with the conduction of water in plants

a) Wilts

b) Rots

c) Leaf spots

d) Damping off

34. Tumours/galls induced by Agrobacterium tumefaciens occur due to

a) Cytokinin production

b) Hormonal imbalance

c) Production of Agrocin-84

d) Enzymes

35. Gemini viruses contain

a) ds RNA

b) ss DNA

c) ds DNA

d) ss RNA

36. Phytoplasmas contain

a) RNA only

b) DNA only


d) RNA or DNA

37. Bacterial cell wall is made up of

a) Peptidoglycan

b) Chitin

c) Flagellin

d) Lipopolysaccharide

38. The genetic material in a bacterial cell is

a) A nucleoid region

b) Definite nucleus

c) Mitochondria

d) Mesosome

39. Gamme is found in the members of

a) saprolegniales

b) chytridiales

c) plasmodiophora les

d) lagenidiales

40. Agrocin-84 is a

a) Antibiotic

b) Bacteriocin

c) Phenolic compound

d) Enzyme

41. International Mycological Institute is located at

a) England

b) USA

c) Netherlands

d) India

42. The most significant reason why fungi are not in the kingdom Plantae is that fungi

a) are chemoorganotrophic heterotrophs

b) are prokaryotes

c) have unicellular and multi-cellular forms

d) are eukaryotes

43. Brine floatation method is followed to control

a) Loose Smut of Wheat

b) Tundu disease of Wheat

c) Grain smut of Jowar

d) Rice blast

44. MLO and Spiroplasma are mostly

a) Xylem inhibiting

b) Phloem inhibiting

c) Both (a) and (b)

d) Stomata inhibiting

45. Panama disease of banana is caused by

a) Fusarium oxysporum f sp. Cubense

b) Ralstonia solanacearum

c) Radopholus similis

d) Pentalonia nigronervosa

46. Flagellation in Pseudomonas

a) Lophotrichous

b) Monotrichous

c) Peritrichous

d) Amphitrichous

47. Hemileia vastatrix causes

a) Bean rust

b) Coffee leaf rust

c) Yellow rust of wheat

d) Sunflower rust

48. The number of races of Hemileia vastatrix recorded in the World

a) 32

b) 8

c) 4

d) 24

49. Non Motile spores are characteristics of-

a) Zygomycetes

b) Chytridiomycetes

c) Myxomycetes

d) Oomycetes

50. Internally seed borne bacterial disease

a) Black rot of cabbage

b) Soft rot of carrot

c) Pierce disease of Grapes

d) Citrus canker


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