Plant Pathology One-liner For Competitive Exam – 106

1. Spindle shaped spots appear on Rice leaves affected with Blast 

2. Symptoms of bacterial blight in seedling stage is known as Kresek 

3. Supernatant liquid of cow dung slurry is applied in Rice fields to control Bacterial Blight disease

4. Carbendazim is a fungicide used for dry seed treatment

5. Spread of sheath blight disease in Rice is through Irrigation Water 

6. Udbatta Disease is a disease affecting Rice crop in high ranges of Kerala

7. Tall lanky tillers and aerial adventitious roots are produced by Foot Rot disease in Rice

8. Spread of bacterial blight in Rice occurs through Wind , Irrigation Water & Rain.

9. Streptocycline/Paushamycin/Plantomycin is an antibiotic used for controlling bacterial blight disease in Rice

10. Bleaching powder is applied to irrigation water to control Bacterial Leaf Blight disease of Rice

11. Ooze Test is an easy and effective test for diagnosing bacterial leaf blight disease in Rice

12. Iodine Test is a sure test for diagnosing Tungro disease in Rice

13. Rice Yellow Dwarf is a disease caused by Phytoplasma in Rice

14. Spindle leaf turns brown and breaks off in coconut due to Bud Rot

15. Root Wilt is a disease caused by Phytoplasma in coconut

16. Fan like appearance of coconut leaves occurs in coconut palm affected by Leaf Rot Disease

17. Mahali disease of Arecanut is caused by Phytophthora Palmivora

18. Symptoms such as young seedlings getting killed before they emerge through the soil surface is due to Pre-Emergence Damping Off

19. Late blight of potato is caused by Phytophthora Infestans

20. Phyllody is caused by Phytoplasma

21. ELYTRA’ is associated with Beetle

22. HALTERES’ is associated with Flies

23. HEMELYTRA’ is associated with Bugs

24. Maggot is the larval stage of Flies

25. Nymphs are the larval stages of insects undergoing Incomplete Metamorphosis

26.Parasitoid is a parasite that kills its host

27. An organism that lives at the expense of another organism(host) which it does not usually kill is known as Parasite

28. Predator is an organism that eats more than one other organism during its life

29. PROBOSCIS’ is associated with Moths And Butterflies

30. Pupal stage of butterflies is termed Chrysalis

31. In case of insects undergoing complete metamorphosis, the stage between larva and adult is termed as Pupa/Chrysalis

32. STYLET’ is associated with Nematodes

33. Any plant in the wrong place is termed Weed

34. VAM means Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza

35. A disease that results in the collapse and death of seedlings before or after they emerge from the soil is known as Damping Off

36. Common causing agent of Damping-off – Pythium

37. In plant pathology ‘MLO’ means Mycoplasma Like Organism

38. Symbiotic association between a fungus and roots of plants is called Mycorrhiza

39. Change of floral organs to leaf like structures is known as Phyllody

40. An official document that indicates that plant material has been inspected by competent authority and found to be free of certain pathogens is termed as Phytosanitary Certificate

41. Legislative control of the transport of plants or plant parts to prevent the spread of pests or pathogens is known as Quarantine

42. Holow berries are formed in Pepper due to Pollu/Anthracnose

43. Fungal Pollu in Pepper can be controlled by Spraying 1% Bordeaux Mixture

44. Leaves of Pepper vine become abnormally narrow and sickle like due to Little Leaf caused by Phytoplasma

45. Water soaked lesions on basal portion of pseudostem of ginger causing rotting is observed in Soft Rot disease

46. Irish Famine’ was due to Late Blight Of Potato Caused By Phytophthora Infestans

47. Bengal famine’ of 1943 was due to the failure of Rice crop affected by Brown Spot Disease Caused By Helminthosporium Oryzae

48. SWOLLEN SHOOT’ is a virus disease affecting Cocoa crop

49. PANAMA’ disease affects Banana

50. RED ROT’ is disease affecting Sugarcane

51. RUST’ disease in Coffee severely affects its productivity

52. TRISTEZA’ is a virus disease affecting Citrus crop

53. COTTONY CUSHION SCALE’ is a pest of Citrus

54. PINK BOLL WORM’ is a pest of- Cotton

55. Any organism detrimental to man or his property in causing damage of significant economic importance is called A Pest.

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