Plant Physiology One Liner For Competitive exam

Plant Physiology One Liner

Plant Physiology One Liner

Plant Physiology

Quest.The science concerned with processes, functions, plant responses to external stimulus and growth and development of plant.
Ans.Plant Physiology

Quest.Father of plant physiology
Ans.Stephan Hales

Quest.The cause of most of the gaseous interchange in soil

Quest.In diffusion, particle/molecules moves from region of
Ans.Higher to lower concentration

Quest.The concept ‘Osmosis’ is given by
Ans.Abbe Nollel (Plant Physiology One Liner)

Quest.Plasma membrane is a type of
Ans.Semi-permeable membrane

Quest.The diffusion of solvent particles into a living cell

Quest.Strong solution having higher concentration
Ans.Hypertonic solution

Quest.Imbibition is coined by

Quest.The component of water potential which determine by the attraction between water and hydrating colloids.
Ans.Matric potential (Plant Physiology One Liner)

Quest.Shrinkage of protoplasm due to outward flow of water (exosmosis) in a concentrate solution.

Quest.The Casparian strip is present in

Quest.The hydrostatic pressure generated within the cell against cell wall as a result of entry of water into it, due to osmosis.
Ans.Turgor pressure

Quest.During Osmosis, movement of water takes place from
Ans.Lower to higher concentration of solution

Quest.Water is absorption by plants mainly through
Ans.Root hairs (Plant Physiology One Liner)

Quest.First step in absorption of water is

Quest.Absorbed of water against a concentration gradient by using energy released from respiration is called as
Ans.Active absorption

Quest.Transpiration associated ion uptake is
Ans.Passive uptake process

Quest.Nutrients absorbed by plants from soil solution are carried upward through the

Quest.Downward movement of food synthesized in leaves takes place through
Ans.Phloem (Plant Physiology One Liner)

Quest.The movement of nutrient ions and salts along with moving water
Ans.Mass flow

Quest.Mass flow or pressure flow theory was given by
Ans.Godlewski (1884)

Quest.Pulsation theory was given by
Ans.J.C. Bose (1923)

Quest.The hydrostatic pressure developed due to the accumulation of water absorb by the root is called root pressure.
Ans.Root pressure

Quest.Root pressure is measured by
Ans.Manometer (Plant Physiology One Liner)

Quest.Upward translocation of fluid in xylem takes place due to
Ans.Pull of transpiration stream

Quest.The most accepted theory of water absorption
Ans.Transpiration pull theory

Quest.Plant cell walls are
Ans.Permeable in nature

Quest.Minerals are translocated in plants as
Ans.Both organic and inorganic compounds

Quest.The plant meet their carbon requirement by absorbing
Ans.CO2 for atmosphere (Plant Physiology One Liner)

Quest.The process by which plants convert light energy of photon (captured from sunrays) into chemical energy

Quest.The oxidation reduction process is

Quest.Photosynthesis active radiation (PAR) occurs at
Ans.400-700 nm

Quest.Plant component responsible for photosynthesis is a pigment called

Quest.Chlorophyll contains
Ans.Mg (Plant Physiology One Liner)

Quest.Pigment which are responsible for photosynthesis in higher plants
Ans.Chlorophyll a and b

Quest.The colour of chlorophyll a
Ans.Blue green

Quest.The colour of chlorophyll b
Ans.Yellow green

Quest.Oxygen required for photosynthesis comes from

Quest.The product of photosynthesis which is used for growth and development of plants
Ans.Glucose (Plant Physiology One Liner)

Quest.Photosynthesis can be measured by measuring
Ans.O2 given off and CO2 uptake

Quest.Chemicals which retard transpiration rate called

Quest.Which organism/groups do not have photosynthesizing capability?

Quest.The first biological process that begins in a seed soon after in imbibes water

Quest.C4/Light reaction/Hill reaction take place in
Ans.Grana of Chlorophyll (Plant Physiology One Liner)

Quest.C3/Dark reaction/Calvin cycle take place in
Ans.Stroma of Chlorophyll

Quest.Grana and Stroma are found in

Quest.C3 cycle is also known as
Ans.Blackman reaction

Quest.Final product of C3 pathway is
Ans.3 PGA

Quest.C3 plants are
Ans.Rice, Wheat, Pea, Soybean etc (Plant Physiology One Liner)

Quest.The most important enzyme involved in photosynthetic CO2
fixation in C3 plants

Quest.C4 cycle is also known as
Ans.Hatch and slack pathway

Quest.First product of C4 pathway is
Ans.Oxalo acetic acid (OAA)

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