Post Harvest Technology One Liner For Agri exam

Post Harvest Technology One Liner


Quest.Who is known as Father of food preservation?

Ans.Nicolas Apart

Quest.A heat treatment food material at 72°C for 15 seconds, or 63°C for 30 minutes


Quest.Juices are mostly preserved by


Quest.The original colour of beverages for longer period are retained by

Ans.Benzoic acid

Quest.Removal of moisture from the food materials for preservation

Ans.Dehydration (Post Harvest Technology One Liner)

Quest.Which of the following is used for killing microorganisms in food?

Ans.Heat processing

Quest.The concentration of sugar required for preservation of fruits and jam


Quest.The concentration of salt sufficient to preserve most of the food products


Quest.A thermal process mostly used for vegetables prior to freezing, drying, or canning in order to soften the texture.


Quest.The peeling of fruits and vegetables is known as

Ans.Lye peeling (Post Harvest Technology One Liner)

Quest.The solution made by dissolving Salt (NaOH) in water is called as

Ans.Brine solution

Quest.Which fruit beverage contains atleast 10% fruit juice and 10% soluble solids?

Ans.Ready-To-Serve (RTS)

Quest.The fruit beverage commonly prepared from Mango, Papaya, Bel, Aonla


Quest.A fruit juice normally contains 25% juice and 40% TSS


Quest.Mango pulp is preserved by

Ans.Sugar (Post Harvest Technology One Liner)

Quest.Which fruit beverage is diluted before serving?


Quest.TSS of jam should not be

Ans.< 70%

Quest.TSS of cooking jam is measured by

Ans.Hand Refractometer

Quest.A semi-solid transparent product prepared from pectin containing fruit


Quest.For jelly making, fruit should be harvested at

Ans.Firm ripe stage (Post Harvest Technology One Liner)

Quest.The pH of final jelly should be


Quest.The instrument used to know pectin content


Quest.A fruit or vegetable impregnated with the cane sugar or glucose syrup

Ans.Candied fruit or vegetable

Quest.A product prepared from strained pulp of fully ripe tomato fruits after cooking

Ans.Tomato Sauce/Ketchup

Quest.TSS% of Tomato sauce is

Ans.30% (Post Harvest Technology One Liner)

Quest.The salt concentration in pickle is maintained at


Quest.CFTRI denotes

Ans.Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore

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