Properties of different type of milk

type of milk

Toned milk :  Toned milk (also called single toned milk) refers to milk which is obtained by the addition of water and skim milk powder to whole milk. In practice, whole buffalo milk is admixed with reconstituted spray dried skim milk for its production. It should contain 3% fat and 8.5% SNF.

Double toned : milk Same as Toned milk, except that under the PFA rules (1976) Double Toned milk should contain a minimum of 1.5 percent fat and 9.0 cent Solids – Not-Fat throughout India.

Standardized milk: This is milk who‟s fat and or solids not-fat content have been adjusted to a certain predetermined level. The standardization can be done by partially skimming the fat in the milk a cream separator, or by admixture with fresh or reconstituted skim milk in proper proportions.

Vitaminized/Irradiated: milk Vitaminized milk is milk, to which one or more vitamins are added. Irradiated milk is milk in which the vitamin D content has been increased by exposure to Ultra-Violet rays. (Mineralized milk is milk to which minerals have been added).

Humanized Milk: When whole cow or buffalo milk is so modified in its chemical composition that it resembles human milk, it is called Humanized milk.

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