Pulse Crop One Liner For Competitive exam

Pulse Crop One Liner

Pulse Crop One Liner


Quest.Botanical name of Desi/Brown Chickpea?
Ans.Cicer aeritinum

Quest.Botanical name of Kabuli/White Chickpea?
Ans.Cicer kabulium

Quest.The most frost affected crop among all field crops?

Quest.The sour taste in leaf of chickpea is due to presence of?
Ans.Maleic and Oxalic acid

Quest.The type of root system in chickpea is
Ans.Tape root system(Pulse Crop One Liner)

Quest.The requirement of seedbed for better cultivation of chickpea is?
Ans.Rough seedbed

Quest.Best soil for cultivation of chickpea?
Ans.Light alluvial soil (a loose and well aerated soil)

Quest.The optimum time of sowing of chickpea is?
Ans.15th to 20 th October

Quest.The seed rate for early sown chickpea is
Ans.75-80 kg/ha

Quest.Chickpea variety suitable for rainfed condition?
Ans.Vishal, Anubhav(Pulse Crop One Liner)

Quest.The early maturing variety of gram is?
Ans.Chaff chaff, JG-62

Quest.Chickpea variety resistant to Wilt?
Ans.JG-74, JG-315, BG-256, Awarodhi

Quest.Most suitable variety of chickpea to drought resistant?

Quest.Late planting of chickpea is done to protect the seedlings from?
Ans.Wilt disease

Quest.A process of removal/tipping of apical buds of Chickpea is termed as
Ans.Nipping(Pulse Crop One Liner)

Quest.The average yield of chickpea in irrigated condition in India
Ans.12-15 qt/ha.


Quest.Early maturing pigeonpea is
Ans.Cajanus cajan flavus

Quest.Late maturing pigeonpea is
Ans.Cajanus cajan bicolor

Quest.Pigeonpea belongs to the family of
Ans.Papilionaceae(Pulse Crop One Liner)

Quest.The type of seed germination in pigeonpea is

Quest.The sowing time of late maturing pigeonpea is
Ans.1st week of July

Quest.The normal seed rate of pigeonpea?
Ans.10-15 kg/ha

Quest.Zn deficiency in Pigeonpea is rectified by spraying of
Ans.5 kg ZnSO4 + 2.5 kg Lime ha–1

Quest.Extra-short-duration variety of pigeonpea
Ans.UPAS-120(Pulse Crop One Liner)

Quest.Short duration varieties of pigeonpea?
Ans.Pusa Ageti, T21, HY2, Pusa 84

Quest.Sterility mosaic and wilt resistant variety of pigeonpea
Ans.Amar, Narendra Arhar 1, Azad

Quest.World’s first hybrid variety of Pigeonpea is

Quest.Harvest index (HI) of Pigeonpea is
Ans.0.19 (lowest among pulses)(Pulse Crop One Liner)


Quest.Botanical name of Fieldpea
Ans.Pisum sativum var. arvense

Quest.Botanical name of Garden pea
Ans.Pisum sativum var. hartense

Quest.Fieldpea/Grainpea is used for
Ans.Dal/pulse purpose

Quest.Gardenpea/Table pea is used for
Ans.Green pods used for vegetable

Quest.Seed treatment in pea is done by
Ans.Captan/Thirum 2.5 gm + Rhizobium leguminosarum 10 gm/kg seed(Pulse Crop One Liner)

Quest.The spacing maintained in Fieldpea is
Ans.30 cm x 5-7 cm

Quest.The common varieties of Fieldpea
Ans.Rachana, Arpana, Ambika, T-65,163, Hans, KP-885, Pant C-5

Quest.Leafless variety of Fieldpea?

Quest.The recommended NPK dose for Fieldpeas
Ans.20:50:30 kg(Pulse Crop One Liner)


Quest.Latest botanical name of mung is
Ans.Phasiolus aureus.

Quest.The seed rate/ha of mungbean is
Ans.12-15 kg

Quest.Early maturing varieties of mungbean is
Ans.Pusa baisakhi, PS16, K851(Pulse Crop One Liner)

Quest.Yellow Vein Mosaic resistant varieties of mungbean
Ans.Pant mung 3, Sumrat, Basanti

Quest.The average yield of mung in India
Ans.12-15 qt/ha


Quest.Latest botanical name of Urd is
Ans.Phasiolus mungo.

Quest.The seed rate/ha of mungbean is
Ans.20-25 kg(Pulse Crop One Liner)

Quest.The normal recommended spacing of urdbean
Ans.40 cm=10 cm

Quest.Common varieties of urdbean
Ans.Pant U-30, JU-2, Type-9, Barkha, Gwalior-2

Quest.The average yield of Urd in India
Ans.10-12 qt/ha

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