Soil Science MCQ For Competitive Exam

Soil Science

1. Nematode control by heat treatment can be done by:
A. Steam sterilization of soil
B. Hot water treatment of plants
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of the above

2. Which of the following is inflorescence vegetable?
A. Potato
B. Tomato
C. Cauliflower
D. Spinach

3. One of the best edible species mushrooms under cultivation is:
A. Sahiwal
B. Kasur
C. Jhang
D. Lahore

4. One of the edible species mushrooms under cultivation is:
A. Valvaria volvacea
B. Amani a maesaria
C. Armillariella mellea
D. Amanita phalloides

5. Number of ATP molecules released from the oxidation of one molecule of
glucose is:
A. Two
B. Thirty eight
C. Eight
D. Sixteen

6. Nematodes can be controlled by:
A. Physical Methods
B. Cultural Methods

C. Biological Methods
D.All of the above

7. Nematodes may be:
A. Saprophyic
B. Predaceous
C. Plant parasites
D.All of the above

8. Nicotiana tabacum is __ flowering plant:
A. Short-day
B. Long-day
C. Day-neutral
D. None of the above

9. Which of the following is genetically heterogeneous?
A. Hybrid
B. Composite
C. Clone
D. Pure line

10. One of the important fixed costs on a farm is:
A. Seed cost
B. Land rent
C. Irrigation cost
D. Feed cost

11. One of the most effective herbicide used in cultivation of C4 crop
A. Butachlor
B. Atrazin
C. Basalin
D. 2, 4-D

12. Onion is used for medicinal value for:
A. Sunstroke
B. Diabetes

C. Stomachache
D. None of the above

13. Nutrient availability to plant is maximum in pH range between:
A. 4.5 to 5.5
B. 6.5 to 7.5
C. 5.5 to 6.5
D. 4.5 to 5.5

14. Object of pruning is:
A. Training of young trees
B. Maintenance of growth of trees
C. Bringing vigour on old trees
D.All of the above

15. Nitrogen (N) in NADP stands for:
A. Nitrogenase
B. ammonia
C. Nicotinamide
D. Nicotinic acid

16. Nitrogen fixation is done by:
A. Bacillus
B. Striga
C. Agrobacterium

17. Objectives of hybridization are:
A. To create genetical variability
B. To know the pattern of inheritance
C. To produce hybrid varieties
D.All of the above

18. Which of the following is example of photoperiodic responses
exhibited by plants?
A. Flowering
B. Seed germination

C. Leaf abscission
D.All of the above

19. Opaque-2 maize composites are richer as compared to normal maize
A. Tryptophan
B. Lysine
C. Tryptophan and Lysine
D. Protein

20. What is the recommended composition of Bordeaux mixture for the
control of late blight of potato at early stages?
A. 2;2;50
B. 4;4;50
C. 3;3;50
D. 6;6;50

21. Expanding 1:1 clay mineral is:
A. Chlorite
B. Illite
C. Vermiculite

22. One gene may have no visible effect union a second gene is present.
This is:
A. Inhibiting action
B. Modifying action
C. Masking action
D. None of the above

23. Organic catalysts in the animates are called as:
A. Vitamins
B. Hormones
C. Enzymes
D. Regulators

24. P content in DAP is:

A. 20%
B. 36%
C. 46%
D. 50%

25. Parasitic flowering plant Mistletoe belongs to family:
A. Convolvulaceae
B. Loranthaceae
C. Orobanchaceae
D. Scroiphularaceae

26. One molecule of glucose on complete oxidation yields:
A. 30 ATP
B. 32 ATP
C. 36 ATP
D.38 ATP

27. Normally average semen volume ejaculated at a time by a breeding
bull is:
A. 2 – 3ml
B. 3 – 5ml
C. 5 – 8ml
D. 10 – 12 ml

28. Normally mineral content (%) of soil volume is about:
A. 70%
B. 50%
C. 30%
D. 20%

29. One nanometer is equal to:
A. 109 meter
B. 10 Angstrom
C. 0.09 mole
D. 0.001 meter

30. Mitchondria and chloroplast both:
A. Are basically lipoprotein complexes
B. Contain respiratory enzymes
C. Produce ATP
D. All of the above

31. Most inhibitory effects of high auxin concentration are due to formation of excessive amount of:
A. CO2
B. Ethylene
C. Methane

32. Multiple effects of a gene are called:
A. Pleiotropy
B. Multiple
C. Crossing over
D. Polygenic effects

33. Muriate of potash is chemically known as:
B. K2SO4
D. K2O

34. Most serious disease of pea is:
A. Early blight
B. Powdery mildew
C. Late blight
D. Anthracnose

35. Mitochondria are found in:
A. Vacuole of eukaryotic cells
B. Cytoplasm of prokaryotic cells
C. Cytoplasm of prokaryotic cells
D. Cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells

36. Mohair is the long lustrous, soft hair covering produced by:
A. French Alpine
B. Anglonubian

C. Angora
D. Kashmiri

37. Motile zoospores are the chief characters of the subdivision:
A. Zygomycotina
B. Basidiomycotina
C. Mastigomycotina
D. Deuteromycotina

38. Mustard sawfly belongs to family:
A. Trypetidae
B. Tenthridinidae
C. Curculionidae
D. Termitidae

39. Mycorrhiza makes ___ available to plants:
A. Nitrogen
B. Potassium
C. Zinc
D. Phosphorus

40. Moniliform antinnae is in:
A. Termite
B. Grasshopper
C. Cockroach
D. Beetle

41.Monocrotophos is:
A. Carbamate
B. Pyrethroid
C. Hydrocarbon
D. Organophosphate

42. Movements of a plant organ in response to directional fluxes or gradients in
environmental stimuli are called:
A. Nastic movement
B. Epinasty
C. Mutation
D. Tropism

43.Which of the following is lowest in total digestible nutrients content?
A. Barley
B. Bajra
C. Jowar

D. Oats

44.Name the objective of training and pruning of plants:
A. To control the direction of growth
B. To improve quality of product
C. To develop a strong frame work
D. All of the above

45.Movements whose direction is determined by the morphology of the plant are called:
A. Hastic movement
B. Hyponasty
C. Epinasty
D. Mutation

46. Flooding of soil grown plant show:
A. Enhancement of phosphorous in shoots
B. Promotes ion accumulation by shoots
C. Depression in N & K in shoots
D. All of the above

47.Most common method of identification of pigs is:
A. Notching of ears
B. Brancing thighs
C. Tattooing
D. Nose-ring

48. MPP (Marginal Physical Product) of a variable input is negative in:
A. I stage
B. II stage
C. III stage
D. II & III stage

49. Most commonly used nitrogen fertilizer these days:
A. Ammonium sulphate
B. Urea
C. Ammonium nitrate
D. Diammonium phosphate

50.Which of the following is low volume sprayer?
A. Gear type rotary pump
B. Roller vane rotary pump
C. Plunger pump
D. All of the above

51.Name the poultry bird used for broiler purposes:
A. Australorp
B. White Leghorn
C. Plymoth rock
D. Minorca

52.Which of the following is more suitable for control of Phalaris minor in wheat field?
A. Sulpho-sulphuran
B. Pendimethalin
C. Isoproturon
D. Methabenzthiazuron

53.Most critical growth stage for irrigation in wheat crop is:
A. Tillaring stage
B. Crown root initiation stage
C. Flage leaf stage
D. Jointing stage

54. Most effective growth regulator for rooting of most of the cuttings is:
A. Indole butyric acid
B. Indole acetic acid
C. Gibberellic acid
D. Naphthaline acetic acid

55. Mulberry silkworm is:
A. Bombyx mori
B. Philosamia ricini
C. Antheraea spp
D. None of above

56. Mulching is an important agricultural practice. One of the chief aim of this practice is to:

A. Decrease the evaporation of moisture from the soil
B. Prevent insect pests from attacking plants
C. Provide support for the plant
D. Encourage the plant to grow taller

57. Neem cake is used to increase the efficiency of urea by:
A. Reducing leaching and denitrification losses
B. Reducing leching losses only
C. Reducing denitrification losses only
D. Reducing ammonia volatilization

58. Which of the following is not a method of group communication?
A. Demonstration
B. Symposium
C. Flannel graph
D. Circular letter

59. Neem seed kernel extract act as:
A. Attractant
B. Repellent
C. Deterant
D. Antifeedant



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