Soil Science One Liner For Competitive exam-1

Soil Science One Liner

Soil Science One Liner

Quest.The fine earth covering land surface acts as a reservoir of nutrients and water

Quest.The word ‘Soil’ is derived from

Quest.Study of origin, classification, morphology of soil is known as

Quest.The study of soils in relation to crop growth.

Quest.The father of Soil Science
Ans.Dokuchalev (Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.The concentration of soil water in soil

Quest.Organic matter content in Indian soil is
Ans.5 %

Quest.Natural soil aggregates/mass are known as

Quest.The science describes rocks

Quest.Granite and Basalt are
Ans.Igneous rocks

Quest.Lime stone, Sand stone and Dolomite are
Ans.Sedimentary rocks(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Gneiss, Marble, Quartzite and Slate are
Ans.Metamorphic rocks

Quest.The rocks gets broken in pieces due to temperature is called

Quest.Feldspar, Quartz and Mica are
Ans.Primary minerals

Quest.Kaolinite, Halloysite and Dickite are
Ans.1:1 type silicate clay minerals

Quest.The example of 2 : 1 type silicate clay minerals are
Ans.Montmorillonite, Vermiculite and Illite

Quest.Chlorite is
Ans.2:1:1 or 2:2 type clay mineral(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.The most dominant mineral on earth crust
Ans.Feldspar (48%)

Quest.The weathering mineral, having most stable soil structure

Quest.Which mineral is a source of phosphorus and boron in soils?

Quest.The hydroxide act as cementing agent in binding the soil particles together
Ans.Fe and Al

Quest.A vertical section of soil through all its horizons
Ans.Soil Profile(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Which horizon is called Fertile zone?
Ans.‘A’ horizon

Quest.The horizon absent in arable land
Ans.‘O’ horizon

Quest.The eluviation horizon is
Ans.‘E or A2’ horizon

Quest.The illuviation horizon is
Ans.‘B’ horizon

Quest.A+B horizons are collectively called as
Ans.Solum(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.A+B+C horizons together called as

Quest.The formulae of bulk density of soil
Ans.BD (g/cc) =Wt. of oven dry soil/Volume of soil(solid+pores)

Quest.Bulk density of normal soil is
Ans.1-1.6 g/cc

Quest.The formulae of particle density of soil
Ans.PD (g/cc) =Wt. of oven dry soil/Volume of soil solid

Quest.Widely accepted fixed value of particle density is
Ans.2.65 g/cc(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.The soil having PD 2.50 g/cc and BD 1.25 g/cc will have ___ % porosity.

Quest.A field soil sample weighing 60 g, lost12 g on over dying. What is the moisture percent on dry weight basis?

Quest.The weight of one hectare of surface soil (O-15 cm) in kilograms
Ans.2.24×106 kg/ha

Quest.The arrangement of primary particles of soil
Ans.Soil structure

Quest.The relative proportion of sand, silt and clay is termed as
Ans.Soil texture(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.The best agricultural soil structure is

Quest.Soil structure proving less porosity in soil

Quest.The best agricultural texture is

Quest.NBSS and LUP centre is located at

Quest.Commonly followed soil particle classified in India is
Ans.International Society of Soil Science (ISSS)(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.According to IISS, the particle size of course sand
Ans.2 – 0.2 mm

Quest.The particle size of fine sand
Ans.0.2 -0.02 mm

Quest.The particle size of silt
Ans.0.02 – 0.002

Quest.The particle size of clay
Ans.< 0.002

Quest.The maximum pore space are found in
Ans.Clay soil(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Soil colour is determined by
Ans.Munsell Colour chart

Quest.It is the relative purity or strength of the spectral colour.

Quest.The capacity of the soil to change its shape under moist conditions
Ans.Soil Plasticity

Quest.The attraction of solid surface for water molecules is called as

Quest.The density of soil water is maximum at

Quest.The surface tension of water is at 25°C
Ans.72.7 dyne/cm2(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Solution whose strength or concentration is accurately known is termed as
Ans.Standard solution

Quest.Water held between 1/3 rd and 15 atm
Ans.Available water

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