Soil Science One Liner For Competitive exam-2

Soil Science One Liner

Soil Science One Liner

Quest.The process by which ions are taken into plant roots

Quest.The range of usefulness of tensiometer is between
Ans.0.0-0.8 bar

Quest.Mechanical analysis of soil is estimated by
Ans.Stock’s law

Quest.The negative logarithm of H+ion concentration
Ans.Soil pH

Quest.The pH value varies from
Ans.0 to 14.00(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.The C : N ratio of the soil are fairly constant between
Ans.10 : 1 to 12 : 1

Quest.The C/N ratio in the organic matter of furrow slice (upper 15 cm) of arable soils commonly ranges from
Ans.8:1 to 15:1

Quest.The smell of soil after fresh shower is due to

Quest.The most dominant soil order of India

Quest.Black soil belongs the soil order
Ans.Vertisol(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.The soil having more than 30% organic matter is placed in

Quest.The most important soil group of India
Ans.Alluvial Soils

Quest.Newly formed alluvial soil is called

Quest.Which micro-nutrient is most deficient in Indo-Gangatic alluvium soils?

Quest.Black soil contains the clay mineral
Ans.Montmorillonite clay (2:1)(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.The soil deficient in nitrogen content
Ans.Black soil

Quest.Black soil shows black colour due to compound

Quest.The vertical cracks are major problem in
Ans.Deep black soils

Quest.Red soil is red coloured due to
Ans.Ferric oxides

Quest.Phosphorus fixation is most probable in
Ans.Laterite Soil

Quest.Infiltration rate is relatively higher in
Ans.Sandy soil(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Peaty soils are generally deficient of

Quest.Marshy soils are generally deficient of

Quest.The most deficient micronutrient in the Indian soil is

Quest.The inherent capacity of the soil to supply nutrients to plants in adequate amount and in suitable proportions
Ans.Soil Fertility

Quest.The capacity of the soil to produce plants under a specified programme of management and it is expressed in terms of yields
Ans.Soil Productivity(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.The process of decomposition of organic matter is termed as

Quest.Well decomposed FYM contains N, P and K content

Quest.A mass of rotted organic matter made from waste

Quest.NPK content of farm compost

Quest.NPK content of town compost
Ans.1.4:1:1.4%(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.The organic matter rich compost made by use of earthworms

Quest.A practice of turning un-decomposed fresh green plant tissue into the soil to improve fertility status and physical structure of the soil.
Ans.Green Manuring

Quest.Green manure crops are turned in the field at the stage of

Quest.Green manure crops contributes nitrogen ranging from
Ans.50-175 kg/ha

Quest.The most widely used green manure crop
Ans.Sunhemp (Crotalaria juncea)

Quest.The green manure crop having both stem and root nodulation
Ans.Sesbania rostrata(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Green leaf manuring crops
Ans.Karanj and Ipomea

Quest.NPK content of poultry manure

Quest.The crop oilcake, which has highest nitrification rate

Quest.Groundnut cake contains NPK

Quest.Fertilizer which contains only one primary or major nutrient, e.g. Urea.
Ans.Straight fertilizers(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Those fertilizers having all the three major nutrients viz., N, P and K.
Ans.Complete fertilizers

Quest.Fertilizers contain more than 25% of primary nutrients, e.g. Urea (46%), DAP (18% N and 46% P2O5).
Ans.High analysis fertilizers

Quest.The relative percentage of N2, P2O5 and K2O” in a fertilizer
Ans.Fertilizer ratio

Quest.The fertilizer which destroys soil aggregates
Ans.Sodium nitrate

Quest.Oldest N fertilizer, best for top dressing in rice
Ans.Ammonium sulphate (20.6%N and 24%S)(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Most concentrated nitrogenous fertilizer
Ans.Anhydrous ammonia (81%N)

Quest.Explosive fertilizer is
Ans.Ammoniun nitrate (33%N)

Quest.Neutral fertilizer, also called Kishan khad
Ans.Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (26%N)

Quest.Cheapest N fertilizer, suitable for foliar spray
Ans.Urea (46%N)

Quest.Amid form of N fertilizer
Ans.Urea(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Which one is considered as organic fertilizer?

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