Soil Science One Liner For Competitive exam-3

Soil Science One Liner

Soil Science One Liner

Soil Science

Quest.Water soluble phosphatic fertilizers
Ans. SSP, DSP, TSP and DAP

Quest.Citric acid soluble phosphatic fertilizers
Ans. DCP, Basic slag and Bone meal

Quest.Oldest commercially available fertilizer
Ans. SSP (16-18%P2O5)

Quest.The fertilizer which supplies 3 essential plant nutrients

Quest.Least hygroscopic fertilizer
Ans.DAP (18%N and 46%P2O5)(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.The phosphatic fertilizer suitable for acid soil
Ans.Bone meal (23-30%P2O5)

Quest.Potassic fertilizer containing highest amount of K2O
Ans.Muriate of potash/KCl (60%K2O)

Quest.Potassic fertilizer suitable for fertigation
Ans.Potassium Nitrate (44%K2O)

Quest.The medium range of available N in soil
Ans.280-560 kg/ha

Quest.Maximum amount of fertilizer is applied in
Ans.Potato(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Fertilizer application in lowland paddy is done at
Ans.Reduced zone

Quest.Kjeldahl method is used to determine
Ans.Total N of soil

Quest.The maximum phosphorus availability in most of the soils is in the pH range
Ans.6.0 to 6.5

Quest.The method used to determine available phosphorus from soil is
Ans.Olsen’s method

Quest.Maximum concentration of urea for foliar spray
Ans.6%(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Solution of fertilizer specially applied at initial growth of plants in pulses and vegetable crops
Ans.Starter solution

Quest.The application of fertilizer along with irrigation water

Quest.Which nutrients can be applied by fertigation
Ans.Nitrogen and sulphur

Quest.The law of diminishing return was proposed by

Quest.Lowland applied nitrification inhibitors
Ans.Oxamide (31%N) and Thiourea (36.8%N)(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Slowly released N fertilizers
Ans.Scoated urea, Neem coated urea, Urea super granule

Quest.Symbiotic N2 fixing bacteria in leguminous crop.

Quest.Asymbiotic N2 fixing bacteria
Ans.Azotobactor and Azospirillum

Quest.Rhizobium fixes atmospheric nitrogen/ha to the soil
Ans.50-100 kg

Quest.Azatobactor can fixes atmospheric nitrogen/ha to the soil.
Ans.20-30 kg(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.The essential element required by the N fixing bacterium Rhizobium

Quest.Conversion of NH4 to NO2 in soil is brought out by
Ans. Nitrosomonas

Quest.Conversion of soil nitrate into gaseous nitrogen is

Quest.VAM belongs to the group of

Quest.Rhizobium japonicum culture is applied for crops
Ans.Soybean and Groundnut(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Rhizobium leguminosarum is applied for
Ans.Pea, Lathyrus and Lentil

Quest.Rhizobium trifoli is applied for

Quest.In waterlogged rice field, atmospheric nitrogen can be fixed to the soil by

Quest.The phosphate solubilizer species of micro organisms is

Quest.Mychoryza increase availability of
Ans.Phosphorus(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Bio-super is made up of
Ans.Rock phosphate + Sulpher + Sulphur oxidizing bacteria

Quest.Zinc solubilizing bacterial biofertilizer is

Quest.Total no. of essential nutrients for plants

Quest.Total no. of functional nutrients
Ans.21 (Essential elements + Co, V, Si, Na)(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Beneficial elements are
Ans.Ru, Sr, Ni, Cr and As

Quest.N, P, K, Ca, Mg and S are
Ans.Macro nutrients

Quest.N, P and K are
Ans.Primary nutrients

Quest.Ca, Mg and S are
Ans.Secondary nutrients

Quest.Essentiality of N was established by
Ans.De Saussure(Soil Science One Liner)

Quest.Concept “Essentiality of elements” was proposed in 1939 by
Ans.Arnon and Stout

Quest.Arnon and Stout discovered the essentiality of

Quest.Nutrient uptake both charges form
Ans.N (NH4+ and NO3)

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